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Food production/value rebalance

Hi guys,
I love this game, but after playing for some hours there is a question in my mind:

Why do you have so many different resources when you don't really need them?
It's a great idea to have so many different ways to produce food, but in the end it all comes down to orchards and potato fields. I mean, why would I want to use something else?
The food production of these two combined is way too strong. Why is there a whole production chain for "baking stuff" when you don't really need it and it's just a waste of time?

So my suggestion is: All T2 and T3 food should be reworked, I suggest to lower the value of veggies and fruit and on the other hand increase the value of T2/T3 food (bread and baking stuff)
(or maybe try to force players to use more different sources, like decreased yield with more buildings of the same type or increased efficiency with more different sources)

Some numbers to show why I am suggesting that:
1 field of potatoes (11x15, 1 worker): 468 units/year = 3276kcal/worker, enough for 3 people and a lot of free time during growth/winter

1 field of corn (11x15, 1 worker): 702 units/year
1 bakery (2 workers): 2 units/2.3 min = 174 units/200 min (1year)
4 bakery (8 workers) = 696 units/year = 5568 kcal --> 619 kcal/worker, not even enough for themselves!

I know, second source of food, etc., in this case just go with farms and orchards of 14x18, they will yield around 3500 kcal/worker (even though only 3 out of 4 years), so also much better.
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    Saturday, March 25 2017, 11:11 PM - #Permalink
    Orchards are a waste and need tweaking. For example Apple trees last for years in real life (sometime generations) but are cut down after 2 or 3 in the game. They are not worth the manpower. Additionally pigs dont eat oats. and pig skins should also be received when killing pigs.
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