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A bunch of suggestions / improvements / requests

Hello there,

first of all let me say that I love the game. I enjoyed Banished quite a lot and I've always wished for a version that looks prettier. English isn't my first language, so feel free to ask if you didn't understand what I mean.
As I've been playing LiF:FV, I came across some things that I'd like to see improved in the final version of the game.

1.) Shaping the landscape

Shaping the landscape to your own will was one of the big improvements for me, compared to Banished (yeah, I know, mods did the trick in Banished as well). Unfortunetly you have edges and hills whenever you use the terrraforming tools. Here's my suggestion: get rid of the edges. When you use the terraforming tool, why not simply flaten the landscape from the point it was first used? You could have beautiful flat landscapes, steep hills, whatever. Makes for a much better look and gameplay feeling.

2.) Stone streets and streets in general

When I first build stone streets I took my time and planned them in my entire village at once, only to find out, that all my old streets where gone (which I only found out by testing in the first person mode). Don't let buildings / streets override each other until they are really finished. It makes no sense either. There is no "under construction"-sign next to the street, workers keep passing by, so why is the street gone without anyone destroying / improving it?

3.) Blocking resources

There should be an option to forbid resources being used by your workers. For example when you start an expedition, there should be an option to stop workers eating pies and stuff. It took my 2 years each and every time to start an expedition, only because my workers ate all the pie (yeah, that sounds hilarious when you read it twice).

4.) Shifting resources

My sheep died in the winter! No, not because I didn't have any grass, I had plenty, but on the wrong side of the village. The cattle next to it was still fed, this one wasn't. An option to tell your workers to bring supplies from one warehouse to another would do the trick.

5.) Assigning workers to their houses

Please make an option to manually assign workers to new homes. I've had the problem on several occasions that my workers died during an upgrade on their houses, although there was enough space in other houses.

6.) Tech tree(s)

A tech tree would be nice. I found it quite odd that I could start with the biggest house right away. Make me work for it! Sure, it will stretch the game for no reason some will say, but isn't this what a survival game is all about? - stretching for it? There could be lots of cool stuff in that tech tree, for example: fire departments, carts, plows, barber shops ....

7.) Tree growth

Stop the permanent grwoth of trees in the villages. I even had the situation that workers died cause trees blocked the roads (yes, I know that's probably not intended, still...). Workers could plant seeds if needs be, don't let them grow wildly in my village!

8.) Roads around buildings

Please let the green boxes around a building be "slots" for streets, not the far edge of the building. I don't know how many roads I destroyed misplanting a building.

9.) Nights / winter

URGS! Don't get my wrong, I love the idea of shifting between day and night, but that system is definetly poop right now. You can't see shit within the night, so technically you can't do much during that period. Either highlight every building and road during the night or make the nights less darker, so we can actually see what we are doing. Same goes for winter by the way, I'd actually love to see what I am doing during the winter as well. I am the omnipotent city planner, not one of my workers.

10.) Fires and other catastrophes

Make fires / catastrophes more rare but at the same time more dangerous. I don't even look when it's burning anymore, cause my people will easily save the building before it's even at 80% hp regardless. Here's your chance to kick our asses by a lot more. Make us want to plant wells at every second corner!

These are just some of the impressions I got so far. I could list more, but I guess there's a lot to read by now anyway.

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    Monday, November 21 2016, 09:00 PM - #Permalink
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    Monday, November 21 2016, 10:01 PM - #Permalink
    They fixed the nights, by the way. :)

    I agree with you greatly on several of your other issues, though I don't use any of the disasters (just doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid :p ).

    The green box around the buildings, I disagree on--but I feel like streets should turn it red. It shouldn't overwrite the streets, and those green boxes should have another gray one around it, like the way the pens are before turning green--or perhaps a blue box. That will give you an idea of where the roads can go.
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