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I allready explained this in a post on the forums. If you have a rope on you, and a person infront of you yields, either knock him down, or tie him. The person will become a game object much like a ragdoll as far as objects are concerned. He will have a "hidden blade" not rly a blade just something to cut the rope with. The person has a choice to cut the rope instantly-he will have a debuff much like the death penalty where he walks rly slowly and can be killed/cought pritty easly. The knife can have a decent cooldown(not mine to decide). If he doesnt choose to cut it instantly(plans his escape) he can wait for his friends to save him or even rp and roll with the capture untill he sees a better chance to run. The person may aswell have a debuff on him preventing more rope captures for a time to prevent spaming them. When the rope is cut dont be alarmed it is not completely wasted it turns into scraps randomly to a few peaces that can be used for another rope(much like recycling)

Grapling hooks-
Everyone watches vikings these days so we all know how they get onto walls
graplin hooks(rope+iron made hook) and you get up walls much like ladders.
The rope can be cut with the ? You guessed it "hidden balde" that everyone has. In the process you again only recive a portion of the rope obv not the hook its left on the wall and also makes the developement much easyer since its the same process (when you cut a rope u get rope pieces).
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    Saturday, April 11 2015, 11:36 AM - #Permalink
    Its not holywood, while I want a way to tie someone for a short amount of time after you knocked them out or he surrendered an want to drag him into some kind of prison (I would like this too) graplinghooks would make walls useless.
    And for the records, if you like vikings...dont make the mistake to think its somehow accurate. Its nice to watch but has not that much to do with how they where since its just for entertainment and real historical accurate informations wouldnt entertain you as much as you think.
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