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Apprenticeship - A Social Tool

First off let me say I'm very new to the game. So far I've fallen in love with a lot of the features and am excited for the mmo release. I'm a computer scientist and I'm constantly looking for projects to work on, and this game has been giving my head a whirl with the "what would i do" things. This feature though I really felt like it needed to be shared. Please feel free to comment and expand on the idea, I literally have only spent about an hour thinking it through so it will need some honing. Here it is:

Apprenticeship - The ability for a player to pass on skills he has mastered.

Once a player has reached a certain level of a skill they may be able to bring on an apprentice to assist with their work and/or "teach" the apprentice the way of his skill. The way I thought this could work is since each skill seems to have a 30 level tier system beginning at level 90 a player could "share" his knowledge to another player. At level 90 the master could assign an apprentice to a given skill ( we will call this the learning skill). Whenever the two players are near each other any contributions made to the learning skill would be modified. The following numbers would need tweaking but here is just an idea:

When the master uses the learning skill around the apprentice:
-The master would receive an 85% skill gained reduction, receiving only 15% contribution to the learning skill
-The master would receive a 35% contribution to a new skill - Leadership
-The apprentice would receive the remaining 50% of the contribution the master sacrificed as a contribution to his learning skill

When the apprentice uses the learning skill around the master:
-The apprentice is able to use abilities from one tier higher in the learning skill with a chance of failure to craft/procure
-Whenever an apprentice uses an ability at a higher tier they would gain a percentage contribution that would balance against the chance of failure to craft.
-Whenever the apprentice successfully crafts/loots something at the higher tier the master receives a point contribution to his leadership skill

The numbers are purely just for example I havent' worked anything out. The idea though is there is no artificial gain of skill points into the game world. Skills remain flat and must be earned. The master is able to have someone lend them a hand with things that may require more skill then his apprentice currently has. This allows the master to "show" the apprentice a new skill and gain Leadership

Leadership is just a skill I thought could fit nicely here to reward the master for teach someone his skills. Leadership could effect things like formation and combat buffs.

Please if you like the idea leave comments, if you feel like its a good idea and needs work to become something that may impress the devs, leave suggestions I'll try to update this post if it gets good feedback.

Thanks for reading
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