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There isn't an incentive to build a hut, as there is no need to keep yourself out of the elements or out of any danger. So there's no point to creating buildings when starting off. There isn't an incentive for building fires as you can still see at night and again no need to keep yourself out of danger. There is one incentive and that is cooking food, but when you can live off apples very easily it makes building fires almost irrelevant. Any creative ways to build incentive for trading between cities should be implemented as soon as possible, which I think the game has done a tremendous job of doing already. It's exciting really. There's no incentive for hunting/fishing because it's too easy to eat apples and maintain hunger. Therefore there's no incentive to build your hunting/fishing skill, and therefore no incentive to add hunters and fishermen to your village. I'd love to see this changed. Root cellars would be a good way to keep vegetables your grow stored in the winter. Provide an incentive for people to find the right wood for certain things, like if you make a bow you'll want hickory, if you make a knife and the handle is made out of aspen or birch it won't last long at all, where a hickory, oak, elm lasts very long. Add cedar trees so tha,t people who want to build huts log by log can add a cedar shingle roof. Clay mixed with sand for plaster. Or collect a bunch of branches plus clay for wattle and daub houses. Give a tree use section under identifying trees. Create uses for pine sap on pine trees like arrows. If you kill a deer you can collect sinew for bow string that works tons better than plant fiber. Do a mini game to make a bowdrill set making it more satisfying and realistic to start a fire. After a while if you collect magnesium you can create easier ways to start fires.
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    Sunday, December 06 2015, 11:07 PM - #Permalink
    The harder it is for people to survive in the beginning of the game the better it will be to gather new people to cities, giving more of a responsibility and a role for mentors who have the skill.
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