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General observations

Here's a list of things that I would love to see worked on:

-A tooltip in a villagers infobox that indicates what the villager is up to, this includes error messages such as "can't reach construction site xyz"

-Fixing the terraforming option. Right now it's just digging up single platforms and the only "viable" way to let your villagers pass through are chokes. Why doesn't it work like in LiF:YO where the tile you're standing on is the target height for further flattening.

-Give us some sort of Healer's hut. I'm pretty sure our villagers would be able to cure their diseases with herbs in a little hut, the fact that you need to build a hospital that's bigger than the biggest normal living space feels really weird. If your villagers are getting sick in early game right now, you can basically start over again. For the healer's hut and hospital thing, give them different effective ranges and different amount of villagers that fit into the building.

-Get rid of some spawnpoint issues (as seen in the attached steam screenshot). Also, why is the only available spawnpoint on a beach anyway? The game is called forest village and I'm spawning at a beach without the opportunity to move around before I settle down whatsoever. Having a look at LiF:YO the weakest spot to settle is the beach, players are more likely to settle on some sort of glade and measured by the resources needed, the harbor is a late game building and could be connected with a road anyway.

-More advanced (production) tooltips for the buildings, as example some sort of predicted food demand of a chicken coop.

-Visual indicators for terraforming dig sites that are still pending. I've run into a bug multiple times where my builders couldn't reach a terraforming site and therefore declined to finish any other building, finding the said terraforming site is a real pain if you were doing something else for a few minutes. Some sort of border highlighting would do the trick for me.
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    Sunday, August 28 2016, 09:13 PM - #Permalink
    +10 000points for the spawn problème ^^
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    Monday, August 29 2016, 04:27 PM - #Permalink
    I like to add to that.

    I agree that we need something small like a healer's hut as a starter and does the job. It takes a lot of resources in early game to build a hospital, so a starter healer's hut would be great for early game.

    About that spawning point, I think we should have the ability to spawn where ever we wish on the map.

    Talking about the tooltip thing,I think we should have some kind of window to see all villagers with their names, work, health status and etc. I also think we should be able to locate and follow the villager we want just by clicking the name directly from this window thing. Reasons how I thought about this is that there are always times I need to locate a builder somewhere in my village to get the job done. It is difficult to locate them because its difficult to identify the villager apart if they are a builder or not.

    I do have a problem with selecting the plains option when generating a map. Every time when when I select the plains option, I still get hills and mountains but barely plains.

    I know that terraforming takes time but is it possible if we could terraform using a much small platform? It would be great if we could.

    Just 3 more things
    1. can we have raiders as a disaster option granting your village loot if the raiders were defeated.
    2. Can we have Walls to build? Keeps wild animals and raiders out of your village.
    3. Can we have lamp posts just like in LIF:YO. Its dark and it is not pretty at night.
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    Monday, August 29 2016, 04:50 PM - #Permalink
    I also have added this poll for pretty decorations. Please check it out
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    Wednesday, August 31 2016, 12:20 AM - #Permalink
    Loving the game but am looking forward to a lot of the suggestions provided being implemented. Loved LiF:YO but need something I can pick up and put down and this so far is great.

    The tooltip for villagers is something I'm dearly missing. Where are they heading to? Are they on their way to grab supplies or eat MORE food (I've never seen such hungry humans LOL)? Why are they standing around? Are they unhappy about something, or can't they reach their place of work? If you've ever played a game called "Cultures" the Villager information provided there is what I'm talking about.
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    Monday, August 22 2022, 09:06 AM - #Permalink
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    Monday, October 17 2022, 08:42 AM - #Permalink
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