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Guild claim expansions

Rather than everyone having multiple guilds that they manage what if we had it where you could expand your claim by putting down another monument on the outskirts of your existing claim? Think of it on the lines of how the Zerg expands their lands in StarCraft. The expansion monuments can cover a smaller radius and will still have "town" and "realm" areas. That way you could still have a keep or houses and storage in the town claim that is wall off but still have a realm area that isn't as protected. These can operate in many functions: a FOB, Farming, Smithing area, market place, etc. I would think that people would build roadways to connect each little town within the realm. I think you should even be allowed to set permissions for each area individually or all together. For instance you set your main town claim for guild members only however let "guild members in training" access to the smaller towns, or can give other guilds access to the smaller town for purposes of trading without letting people in your main base. I think we could also allow these to have outposts within them for production etc. I also like the idea of a military outpost. I have seen several ideas on how to implement this. I think this can be an outpost outside your claim for the purpose of making a waypoint for people also production of guard NPC's that can guard your assets while your offline. The effectiveness of the guards depend on quality of material used to build the OP as well as equipment provided to the OP. Equip it with archer gear you are more likely to get archers, Footman gear you get footmen, etc.

Side note. I think you should be able to choose between different designs for your monuments as well. Not just a sword. Maybe a statue of different figures (man holding a sword, man riding a horse reared up holding out a sword, a maiden, hammer and sickle), Large flag of the guild tabard....
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    Tuesday, November 06 2018, 03:51 PM - #Permalink
    I would also like to add that the more claims you have the more it costs to maintain them and you could even put a cap on the number of claims to somewhat limit a large guild taking over the whole map I suppose.
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    Thursday, January 09 2020, 08:51 AM - #Permalink
    The ability to customize is always a good addition when you have a rich gameplay. This will create additional incentives for guild members, and in principle it will be interesting to try a minimum online and different games as well. In general, this can be finalized indefinitely and various updates can bring more and more interest for players.
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