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I just thought of an awesome idea on Mentorship...

This idea will bring communities together even more, and lean more on one another. It will create a lot of incentive to join tribes instead of being a lone wolf, which that's the idea is to put things in place that supports people living together. This is my idea, alright say you have a skill cap max, this is what developers could do, they can either add to the skill cap max through a Mentor or lower the skill cap max as it is but have a level 100 Mentor be able to teach others in a way that extends their skill cap in an area. So say student has reached their skill cap, and they have a 50 in a skill, but when a Mentor reaches level 100 they get what is called a training skill cap. And that Mentor can go out and perform tasks to gain teaching skills in that area. Say if a Mentor has an 80 in an area where a student who has maxed his or her cap but has a 50 in the same area, that Mentor can train that student to have an 80, but again, it should be a slow process, but that way a student can have skills that max their original skill cap and that gives incentive for people to sit under a Mentor and for villages to make schools. I just thought of this so if you like this idea and want to add your own input to make it better feel free to add stuff. If you all don't like the idea of adding to the max skill cap what can happen is lowering the original and then the rest has to be taught to you through a Mentor.
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    Wednesday, June 03 2020, 06:02 AM - #Permalink
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