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Eating one apple shouldn't fill you up all the way, but maybe a 5% fill rate and less apple trees in the game. for eating plants. 3% for mushrooms. Have eating plants, mushrooms and taproots offer more than filling up on hunger bar, like if you eat a certain amount of plants you run faster. Because plants offer things like nutrients so they will build agility and cause you to fatigue way less. I think it's a perfect idea and encourages foraging which I think is one of the neat things about this game is the detailed flora. I see wild carrot in the game and cattails, add yucca plants for a bump in plant fiber gathering, and cattails offer strong fiber as well. So if you find a yucca you'll get like 3 plant fibers per gather. After a while your hunger will get low and cause you to have to hunt and fish, giving more incentive to pay attention to this aspect of the game, and give incentives for people with the hunting/fishing skill to be more involved in their cities.

Also another thing about the detailed nature aspect and helping the gamers to get more involved in the nature aspect is if you build an axe with a poplar or softwood it breaks really fast, as it would in real life. But if you make it out of oak or hickory it will last very long, giving incentive to inspect the trees and take pride in producing a well made tool, just like real life. These things will also bring a uniqueness to the game that separates it more from other craft survival games. Focus on the nature aspect more and it will become more unique. Add pine pitch to the game as well, and maybe some black locust trees for fish hooks, strong inner bark cordage or tree root cordage for fishing line to make fishing a little more difficult instead of making a fishing rod and throwing it out there. Make this a lot more difficult so that it will be more satisfying to provide fish for your clan. Turn the fishing into a mini game would make it 10x better as well.
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    1% for eating plants* 3% for berries* Also add a primitive jerky rack to make jerky after a big animal kill so that the meat does not spoil.
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