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More detailed food system

It would've nice if when you cook, you could cook meals on the fire, or in the oven similar to ore in the furnace. This would be nice because you could put some chicken in the oven, go off to complete something, then come back, and take the chicken out. It would also have a system that if you left the food in too long it would loose quality, and it you left it for too long it would overcook and become practically useless. In addition you would also be able to add modifiers like cabbage, carrots, salt and pepper to the food while it was cooking, and if you managed to have the same flavors (ex. Sugar, jalapeño = combo sweet and spicy) it would add bonus quality or maybe short term small special effects.
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    Monday, January 18 2016, 05:55 PM - #Permalink
    I like most of your suggestion. Especially the pulling system for cooking in an oven etc.
    As well this could be linked to food quality decay.

    Adding salt or even allowing us to label "Flavour" into salt garlic and other medieval condiments would be nice.

    Adding things like salt as a mineral would help too or maybe add a line or catalysts to be found in the wild similar to find plant fiber, find spices maybe. sage garlic thyme etc and then make these catalysts part of the cooking in oven process..... so you can put in your white meat and make chicken or you can add in 2 catalysts garlic and salt and get a higher quality chicken to eat.
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    Friday, December 17 2021, 01:11 PM - #Permalink
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