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More Primitive Tools

I would like to see primitive tools such as:

Fishing Line - Plant Fiber, Tree Roots, Inner Bark

Fishing Hooks - Animal Bone, Plant Thorns

Primitive Cordage - Plant Fiber, Willow Branches, Tree Roots, Inner Bark, Animal Sinew (used for fishing basket traps, hammocks for tarp/hammock shelters, used to build primitive huts like lean-to shelters, tipi/teepee shelters, bowstring (only Animal Sinew works for this), fletching arrows and attaching arrowheads to shafts, attaching stone tools to their handles, and bowdrill string (Plant Fiber and Willow Branches don't work for this)

Bowdrill Set - Softwood Trees, Yucca Root (I'd like to see yucca plants in the game, diverse looking plant, you can eat the taproots like a potato, good for plant cordage)

Primitive Glue - The bone glue works, but you can also get glue by mixing pine sap and wood ash. For attaching arrow heads to arrow shafts and hooks to fishing line, along with using it to attach stone tools to their handles. Pine sap/pitch is also good for making primitive traps and torches.

Hunting suit made of clay and leaves - Like a primitive ghillie suit, when you wear it you will find more animals and they won't run off as fast. It will be easier to stalk. You can make a suit when you have a certain amount of clay, leaves, and cordage.

Blow gun - Used to kill only very small game like birds for feathers. Can make one as long as you have a knife and a bamboo branch, make bamboo hard to find. Black Locust trees would be nice because you can use the sharp needles for darts as well as fishing hooks. Otherwise plant thorns can work as ammo.

Primitive Jerky Rack - Make a jerky rack using cordage, a lot of hardwood branches. That way if you kill big game you can smoke the meat and it will preserve it and last longer.

Atl Atl - A great way to incorporate teamwork tribe hunting, make the Atl Atl very hard to throw accurately, make a hard mini game out of it, but enough people who throw them at a bear will kill the bear if they hit it say 3 times. Make this the only way to kill a moose or bear unless someone in the tribe has a level 100 in hunting while using the best bow.

And just a side note please take grenades out of the game I heard they were in there. It takes away from the combat experience. Be sure to comment and vote if you like one or more of these ideas!
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    Monday, December 14 2015, 09:37 PM - #Permalink
    Can't understand the whine about grenades. Take Plate against slash and Leather against siege. If you wear Plate you die from grenades, if Leather - from slash. Insert Mail, Scale and Padded in between. This is called BALANCE son.
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    Tuesday, December 15 2015, 08:25 AM - #Permalink
    I've seen them and the explosions look pretty arcade like, and I'm all for balance but adding balance to something that doesn't hold a standard of realism doesn't mean much. In real life if a grenade explodes it doesn't matter what I have on I won't live yet I see grenades exploding right next to someone and they don't die. That's not real.
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