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primitive spear and primitive trowing spear

I think that should be possible, and easy to do, is a primitive spear, made from sticks, fiber and a silex, just for self defense before you are able to craft metal weapons. same way a primitive trowing spear would be easy to do, and could be an option against the sling, since it could be more precise and have lower range.
i sugest this because i believe is an easy thing to implement, all mechanics are already in the game
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    Wednesday, October 05 2016, 07:34 PM - #Permalink
    no one think this is a easy and good implement to de game?
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    Saturday, October 22 2016, 11:22 AM - #Permalink
    gekido2802 wrote:

    Primitive weapons should be implemented into the game.

    Currently, to be a hunter without being a blacksmith or get weapons from blacksmith you have to hunt using a primitive axe, a primitive pickaxe or for the brave one, a primitive knife which is kind of dumb.
    Hunting should be a profession that doesn't need any other profession to be accomplished. I mean there is people right now that lives from hunting, yet they aren't blacksmiths and didn't need weapons from any blacksmiths either.

    These weapon should be available to make right at the beginning :

    - Primitive Spear : 1 stick, 1 flint and 2-3 wild fibers
    - Primitive Bow : 1-2 sticks and 1-2 wild fibers

    Currently to be able to make a bow, you need to get to a T3 skill (Bowcraft) and you need linen rope which need a T2 skill (Farming) and a T3 skill (Procuration) all this to make a simple bow.
    On top of that, I don't understand why you need to learn how to use a crossbow to be able to use a bow. I mean, bow were created way before crossbow; therefore, people learned to use bow before using crossbow.
    For the arrows, it needs feathers. You can catch chicken into snares but you can't slaughter them right into you inventory, you need a coop which require a T2 skill (Construction). Why?
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    Thursday, November 03 2016, 11:27 AM - #Permalink
    It's a good idea! There could even be a primitive Spear only made of one stick, sharpened and put shortly into a fire...then of course it could be an item which is breaking very easily...
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    Sunday, January 29 2017, 04:17 PM - #Permalink
    would indeed cool if u coudl craft primitive weapons so u can hunt and defend you a little in the start maybe let this go under the skill hunting?
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