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This Suggestion was Inspired by an Discussion inside an Trade Suggestion in the Forum.
But the Idea was really Good. And might Improve the Game as well as Encourage Players to Trade.
So I want to bring it up here.

The Suggestion is to Set Effects on Crafting and Gathering depending on the Region you do it in. Thus Encourage these Regions to Trade with other Regions or Specialize in something their Region is good at.

For this there would be 3 Different Effects that Regions can Apply to Crafting/Gathering Actions.

Bonus Effects on Materials and Items Gathered/Crafted in a Region. And which add a Permanent Advantage to these Items.

For example.

A Cold Region in the North might have really Good Iron Ore. This Iron Ore will get a 0.7 Quality Multiplier instead of the 0.6 Multiplier of normal Iron. And will be called Northern Iron Ore and then Northern Iron Bar etc.

While the Dark Forests of another Region might be giving really Great Wood. Where any Tree will give Wood that is really Durable. And any Item Crafted from it will get a 20% Durability Bonus.

Meanwhile the Wood from the Plains might be weaker and actually be less Durable when Crafting things from it.

Bonus Yields and Gathering Speed for different Regions. That allow this Region to Produce something much easier and in Larger Quantities than other Areas.

For example.

The Volcanic Area could be really Fertile. Having Twice the Crop Yields than other Regions. Allowing for much Bigger Harvest there.

The islands in the West might have just the Right Climate for Pigs to really become Fat and Tender. Thus giving 3 times the amount of Meat than other Areas.

While the Freezing Salty Islands in the East might be really Rough Climate for Pigs. Which causes them to only give Half of the Meat that other Regions have. But will make them Give Twice the amount of Leather.

Quality Bonus requiring Players to have less or more Skill to Achieve a Good Quality of Items or Produce.

The Central Plains thanks to the Crown advising Farmers might get Exceptional High Quality Crops which are by Default get a 20 Quality Bonus.
But the Farming is not good for the Soil. Causing Herbs to have a 20 Quality Malus.

The Deserts are such Experts at producing Glas so all their Glass is 20 Quality higher by Default.
But their Trees are Brittle and Dry. Causing all of their Wood Items having a Quality of 10 Points less.

These would be able to add together.

For example.

The Southern Mountains could have really Awesome Alchemists. Whose Preparations have a 50% higher Bonus Multiplier than other Regions.
Together with the High Quality Iron Ore from the Cold Region in the North. This means you might actually Produce Steel that gets 90 Quality instead of 80.

On top of that.
There is the Option to Add Effects to Items Acquired from other Servers.
Avalon is a Really Hostile Place.
So Weapons Imported from Avalon might get a 10% Damage Bonus.
Meanwhile the Server of Skjultland is a Great Fertile Place. And Food Imported from here might be Rated 0.5 Food Quality Points higher when Eaten.

This System at least Partially should be Fairly easy to be Implemented.
Because alot of it is just Database Changes.
Creating some Special Effects and Applying them based on the Region your in.

And it would offer a Great Option to Create Variety of Items in the Game without actually Implementing any Additional Items.
Expanding the Game and offering Players more Options.

It would also Encourage Players to Trade with each other to Trade with other Regions.
(Pls note with the current Inter Server Trade this would require such Effects to not be Transferred when Goods are Exported instead being Replaced by the Server Effects)
Producing something might be much easier in another Area.
Thus this Area being able to Produce Food much Cheaper and Faster. While another Area might be more Profitable on Producing Wood and not Food :)
Not to mention that some People will want the Regional Bonus Effects :)

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