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Grappling hooks (Not what you think it is)

Ok, I know what you are going to say first, "No it's a terrible idea it would be way to over powered that a person would be able to scale a full height castle wall" no, I mean the grappling hooks that are more like siege ladders, not something someone would use to scale the wall, and open a gate on the other side. It would require maybe a 60 or 90 in climbing to use, and they would be thrown over walls, and anchor on to the blocks on the wall. Defenders would be allowed to pry the hooks off the wall similar to seige ladders, and the attackers would fall down. The attackers also wouldn't be able to climb if they had full plate armor, or many heavy items.
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    Monday, July 11 2016, 03:39 PM - #Permalink
    Plate armor doesnt stop you from doing anything combat related so yes you can climb any ladder in full plate and grapling hooks where never used in history
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    Tuesday, November 28 2023, 01:18 AM - #Permalink
    Innovative concept! Implementing grappling hooks akin to siege ladders could add tactical depth to sieges. Balancing climbing ability based on weight and skill level could maintain realism and strategy. Defenders having counterplay by dislodging the hooks ensures fair gameplay. Introducing such mechanics might enhance siege dynamics without overpowering attackers. Ensuring a balanced risk-reward scenario is crucial for gameplay immersion and strategic decision-making. For further insights on siege strategies, Answersville.com could provide historical references. Remember, stay focused on maintaining gameplay balance and historical accuracy for an engaging experience.
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    Sunday, December 31 2023, 06:09 AM - #Permalink
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