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Alternative Weapon (and Armor) Designs

I'm sure that this has been covered a thousand and two different times at this point, but I figure it's worth another go around.

We have clearly seen the WiP artwork of the new shields and armors coming into the game, but the question remains as to whether or not weapons will be given similar treatment. There are many weapons that I have come to love both in real life as well as in game, but the two often do not intersect. As a few Examples:

I love the design of the Knight's sword with it's traditional Cruciform hilt and wheel pommel, but wish that it's blade length was similar to that of the Nordic sword to make it more handy for a normal soldier.

What about having a Western European styled Falchion with a sword hilt rather than the umbrella-handled and meat cleaver-like blade the In-game version has?

What about a re-skin of the Scimitar to make it look like a one-handed Messer?

Of course other examples could be had as well, such as ranging from different polearm heads to changing blade designs on two handed swords and more.

However I feel the simplest method to approach in pursuing this avenue would be to make these as cash shop 'skins' rather than having to code in entirely new weapons. Being able to purchase a skin to apply to your weapon, possibly re-naming the weapon in the process would be another avenue for the Devs to pursue in generating more income. Hell, if the Devs wanted to go the route of actually coding in new weapons, albeit with similar/the same stats, they could sell blueprints in the cash shop to make these items!

All of what has been written could also apply to armor as well: getting a re-skin of the typical 'Regular Chainmail Helm' to give it a kettle helm rather than a Spangenhelm is one direction to pursue, or even changing the chainmail's appearance to include pauldrons, or proper vambraces or the like.. Anything is possible!
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