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Hello. Please end this unbearable suffering from moving stuff around by implementing:

Auto Stack Splitting
- option to split exactly in half,
- option to remember the split size (for example after selecting the split size 8 once and checking the checkbox "remember", on shift+RMB the splitting will always occur in 8-item stacks, unless the checkbox is unchecked)

Moving Stuff Between Containers Directly, without the need to drag it through your inventory. (what was the point in that in the first place? it adds completely nothing to the gameplay except unbearable tedium)

Max Fitting on Drag&drop
On drag&dropping large stacks to container or inventory or any storage, the destination will fit maximum possible items and the rest will be left in source container. You already have this implemented in building-creation window. Please make it work the same for inventory and containers.

These features will greatly improve quality of feudal life for all your players. Thank you for your work and understanding.
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    Wednesday, February 27 2019, 10:03 AM - #Permalink
    Two more features to improve inventory management, which are also very important to a happy and healthy feudal life:

    Auto Stack Items of the Same Quality.
    Right now ALTclicking simply stacks all items in one big pile without any regard to quality and regional resource. This is almost useless without preemptive manual sorting. What we really need is stacking the items of the same quality in stacks with regard to regional resources - those should be treated as separate type, so that non-regional resources stack with non-regional, and regional stack separately with regional of the same region.

    Visual Representation of Quality on toggle
    Right now we see only quantity, please add some visual representation of quality to it, so we don't have to hover above each and every of the gazillion stacks. It could be color, or a short "Q15" right after quantity, or both, or some other clever design which creates visual representation of item quality in a convenient unobtrusive way.
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    Thursday, September 26 2019, 08:57 AM - #Permalink
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    Tuesday, April 07 2020, 04:37 AM - #Permalink
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