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Bows strengths and weaknesses

I feel that bows are far too weak and not implemented correctly. Bows (even with bodkin arrows) should not be able to pierce a full plate armored person, with that being said I also feel that full plate should be much more costly to make and be equivalent to owning a very fancy car, they should be few and far between. Back to the topic now, a bow should be strong based on the quality and type of wood used as well as the skill of the craftsman who made it. In addition to that a bow of say 80+ quality should need a string of 80+ quality to use or else it will break under the tension, this continues with the arrows, if an arrow is made with bad wood and isn't made properly i.e. an arrow made with a total quality of say 30 should never be able to be fired from a bow of 80+ quality because in real life a 100+lb war bow would shatter an arrow made improperly with bad wood. Also the time between firing an arrow should only be 5 seconds for the most skilled, bows are not hard to pull back, if you cant pull it back to full draw in a second or less you shouldn't be using it in the first place and quite frankly probably will not be able to actually pull it to full draw. There should also be a maximum time you can hold a fully drawn bow, (tbh I cant remember if there is or isn't but it needs to be there) in addition to that you should be able to nock an arrow and run around with it ready to fire for quite some time, and when you need to you take the 1-2 seconds at most to fire that arrow as accurate as you can. Bows should also wear out if not stored and treated properly. If you have a bow you should have to remove the string and occasionally apply beeswax to it, as well as the bow its self will need certain oils applied to it to keep the wood in good shape and water/moisture proof. It should be required to keep them in an upright position in storage or kept on a proper rack where it can sit safely while being stored. I know this is a lot of different suggestions and all of them (while being based in reality, fact and historically accurate) might not be able to be implemented. Bows were very important to those who used them and would have had great care put into keeping them in good shape.
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