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Build with friends or Multiplayer Mode

I am sure this has been mentioned before, but what would be more enjoyable than playing this great game with a friend or random. Building a village together communicating about strategy and multi tasking between 2-4 people. I am not sure the logistics behind this on the developers end. As a user the game would grow less boring over time if you could share the experience with a friend or two. Maybe this has been talked about in the past, but hope it can be revisited.

Additionally, another amazing step would be the allowing of two or more players to build villages on opposite sides of the map who eventually can trade with one another when trade routes have been established. A non combat task management game were people work together or not. An aspect of Life is Feudal without the combat... This is a genre that is not explored much. A large chunk of players like to build without worrying about combat. Right now this is a solo game that can grow boring. IMO this game has the ability to become its own server based or MMO game. Users have to buy land sectors from the bank to grow their village. At first the land is cheap immediately surrounding them than over time it becomes more expensive till all land on the map is occupied. It is than your choice to use all supplies to survive or trade them for income to advance your village. Set up brokers when you are offline to buy and sell goods as your village needs till you return. If you become land locked than you must work out trades with neighboring villages for more land or wait for them to starve and parish before buying ownership in the deserted land from the bank.

A community village building game... Just a thought.
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    Sunday, June 18 2017, 06:05 AM - #Permalink
    Yes it would be really cool. But you have to think about the map size.
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    Wednesday, February 16 2022, 07:47 AM - #Permalink
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