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Within the realm of horror, where things like chainsaws, knives for fingers, and iconic masks are commonplace, there is one psychopath killer who dominates the box office more than any of the others. Aspiring slasher fans might anticipate that it will be a classic, and while it is, it is not necessarily a classic in the way that you might anticipate. The slasher film that has made the most money is Halloween, more especially the version that was released in 2018 and directed by David Gordon Green. The fact that this reboot of the brand received a lot of interest from fans may come as a surprise to some people, especially when one considers how much love is showered upon the classics.

The 2018 film "Halloween" breaks the record for the highest grossing slasher film of all time.

One of the primary themes of the 2018 Halloween is to carry on the narrative that was established in the 1978 original Halloween. After Rob Zombie grabbed control of the brand with his Halloween films from 2002 and 2009, the series slipped into a period of silence since then. Perhaps it was because of the drastic shift away from Laurie and Michael's mythos, or perhaps it was simply that fans did not like the increase in the amount of violence that was shown in the Zombie flicks. Regardless of the circumstances, the internet and the horror community were ecstatic when it was revealed that Jamie Lee Curtis will be returning to her role as Laurie Strode. There was considerable misunderstanding regarding the manner in which Curtis would return since it looked that her character had passed away in Halloween: Resurrection. However, as was indicated earlier, Green's version of Halloween takes place in a separate chronology and only concerns itself with the events that occurred after the 1978 Halloween. These are the timelines for the series, which you should check out if you are puzzled about them.

The event that takes place on Halloween takes place forty years after Laurie had survived a terrifying attack by Michael Myers in her picturesque village of Haddonfield, Illinois. Myers has been incarcerated in a mental institution, but in a manner that is reminiscent of the boogeyman, he discovers a means to escape and bring himself back to Haddonfield. While he is there, he is looking for blood and to find Laurie, the one who managed to escape. Laurie, unbeknownst to him, is prepared to confront him in a Terminator-like manner! For the entirety of her existence, she has been preparing herself and her daughter for the potential that dad could return at some point in the future. She has transformed her house into a bunker for the end of the world, complete with explosives, booby traps, and concealed weaponry. Her daughter and granddaughter are unable to comprehend the situation; yet, when they learn that Michael has returned, they express their appreciation for Laurie's extraordinary actions in preparation.

How much money did the movie "Halloween" make at the box office around the world in 2018?

A staggering $259 million has been raked in at the box office throughout the world by the 2018 film Halloween. With a whopping $86 million lead over the picture that came in second place, Scream (1996), this makes it the highest-grossing slasher film of all time. In point of fact, the Scream franchise is responsible for a sizeable portion of the top ten highest-grossing slashers franchises of all time. We came in second with the original, followed by Scream 2 in third place, Scream 3 in fourth place, and Scream VI in fifth place. Despite the fact that that franchise is extremely popular, Halloween demonstrates that horror fans have a strong affinity for the bogeyman and Laurie Strode, the ultimate last girl. When we include the entirety of the Halloween franchise, we find that Halloween Kills, which has grossed a total of $133 million, is the second highest-grossing picture in the franchise. The film Halloween 5: Revenge of Michael Myers, which grossed $11 million worldwide, was the installment in the series that performed the worst at the box office as a whole.

'Halloween' (2018): How Much Did It Cost To Make The Movie?

Beginning with a budget of $10 million, the budget for Halloween (2018) was far more than the budget for the original Halloween, which was only $325,000. In spite of the fact that inflation makes the difference appear to be fairly substantial, Green's version of Halloween was actually less expensive to produce than Rob Zombie's version, which had a budget of fifteen million dollars. When compared to the amount of money that was made from the picture, the budget for the movie appears to be rather low. Blumhouse was able to proceed with the production of two additional sequels in this timeline, which were titled Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. This was due to the fact that the reboot was exceptionally successful. Fans have hypothesized that a new chronology could be created for the franchise, despite the fact that Green's timeline of the game would come to an end after Halloween Ends. Given that the boogeyman never passes away, are we supposed to assume that the fact that Halloween is over indicates that there is a conclusion?

There has been a notable increase in the number of people participating in the horror franchise.

The return of horror in recent years is a contributing factor to the success of Halloween. Due to the resurgence in popularity, a great number of well-known properties have been brought back to the big screen. Some franchises, like as The Exorcist, have had a difficult time finding fresh ground, in contrast to the Scream franchise, which has been welcomed with success. Despite the fact that these cherished properties are making a comeback, fans of the genre are still flocking in large numbers to voice their support for the new ventures. Immaculate, The First Omen, and Late Night the Devil are just a few examples of films that have left spectators feeling incredibly astonished. It is possible that many of these are not considered to be slashers, despite the fact that they are all classified as horror films. It is possible to experience a resurgence of interest in the slasher subgenre as the horror genre continues to gain prominence. When all is said and done, who doesn't enjoy a good jump scary?

A classic is always a classic, and it is never a bad idea for horror lovers to begin revisiting all thirteen films in the Halloween franchise! This is true even when there are new entrants in the genre. Prime Video allows you to stream virtually all of the films in the franchise, so if you want to view any of the films in the series, you may do so. Just make sure that you don't become so preoccupied with observing them that you fail to notice the shape that is hiding along your clothesline...

The film Halloween is currently available for purchase or rental on Prime Video in the United States.

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