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Trading is very difficult in this game, yet a player's world can not live without trade. Trade needs war (We do not produce to stock), and war needs trade (To obtain resources and to wage war). Whether it is at stake or in real life, there is always trade when there is a war (Sale of weapon).

This can be created in Life is feudal. It's possible. How? Will you tell me.

First, an observation of the game
First observation:
The problem of this game and that on RP servers, they are stormed by avallon players (PvP) to collect resources and transfer them to Avallon via the Trading Post and make their war on Avallon. Avallon players, to get the territory are ready to go to war and disgust the players of the RP server. Because avallon players having a very good knowledge of combat and optimizing characters in combat. RP players with pitchforks and shovels lose all battles because the battle is uneven. Once the RP players have definitely left the game (Subscription ended), the guild dies and the territory belongs to the players of Avallon. So this causes players to leave Life is feudal.

Second observation:
Avallon players who love fighting a lot spend all their time doing JHs, arenas, instanced battles and never collecting resources.
Their solutions ?? Recrut people farmer on Avallon or server RP so that it brings them resources (Wood, fibers, iron, etc ...). But this has a big consequence. RP players are strongly urged to collect resources, only for PvP players. These farmer too much solicit (large amount of resources required) end up getting tired of being que farmer for their PvP colleagues, to the limit of being an employee with a high rate of production.
This ends with: Either the harvester leaves the game, or the PvP players must also harvest resources, which they do not enjoy. So the PvP guilds diminish the morals of all Life is feudal players.

You will tell me that I still have no idea. That's right, and so here is my idea.
We need to build another economic and gameplay system. I propose several things that associate can solve this economic, military and gameplay problem

1- Transfer players from one server to another must be paid. 80% of the price of an Abella ticket. While keeping the time between each transfer (2 days for a premium account).

2- Transfer of resources (Wood, fiber, iron, etc ...) between server (Ex transfer Epleland to Avallon) impossible with the tradingpost

3- Change the trading post in 3 Available tabs. Which I will explain after.

4-Concerning only PvP servers: Put a PvP server bonus on the sale of objects in the tradingpost to the computer (+ 20%) and less resources (iron, wood, fiber, etc.) available on these PvP servers . Keeping the cost of maintaining T1 T2 T3 claims of guilds as is the case today.

5-Concerning only the servers RP: Put a penalty server RP on the sale of objects in the tradingpost to the computer (-20%) and many resources (iron, wood, fiber, etc ...) available on these servers RP.
Increase the cost of maintaining T1 T2 T3 guild claims by 30%.

The interest of the first point:
The transfer is too easy to place Avallon people on any RP server and block RP players in their guild. This would make it twice for Avallon's players to transfer their characters to an RP server just to make them leave Life is feudal and take the territory all using euros.

The interest of the second point:
It is linked with the first point, if the transfer costs Euros and the inter-server resource transfer (Ex: Avallon-Epleland) is impossible. Players will have no interest in paying euros for nothing to reap in the game.

The interest of the third point:
It is related to the previous two. As the resource transfers are blocked, and the resources are limited on the PvP servers, it will be necessary to obtain the resources of the RP servers. How?! By the trade of course :). The tradingpost should have 3 tabs:

-The first tab: Sale to the computer. Already present today.
-The second tab: The internal resource transfer tradingpost, either (Eplaland to Epleland or Avallon to Avallon or Iriy to Iryi) this avoids having to walk the resources from server 08 to server 33 on horseback.
-The third tab: The auction like Ebay, people put orders for purchase and sales visible from all the servers in the game (Avallon-Eplaland-Iryi-Skjutland), only separate by continent (Europe, USA, Asia).

The interest of the fourth and fifth point:
As PvP servers we have few resources (weak points) but a lot of money (strong point) and the RP server is a lot of resources (strong point) but not a lot of money (weak point). Each server has strong point what the other server has in weak point.

The only sustainable way for PvP servers to have resources is to trade via the tradingpost N ° 3 tab with RP servers.
And the only sustainable way for RP servers to have money to maintain their claims is to trade via the N ° 3 tradingpost tab with PvP servers.

What do you think????
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