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End game content and purpose for the mmo.

End game content and goal for LiF MMO.

Although this is a huge subject I will try to make it as short as possible.
The game itself is very promising with all the features introduced and the system it already has. However the thing it lacks is end-game content and a purpose for players to keep playing on without the game being repeating or boring after the long run.
To achieve that based on LiF I suggest territory control. Players/guilds have to keep expanding and moving forward to the game as it should not be a static stage to the game so players get bored. There should be a purpose that rewards all guilds over the territory they control as in total and to keep the war system alive and with a purpose.
Although the game faces other problems at the moment and there is still a long shot until it is finished it would be nice to have a goal for atleast the full release of the game as for the moment sadly it is getting repeating.

This could work as the following examples.

1. To start fighting for territory allied guilds need to form an Empire. Empires are non-visual within the game and are simply a mechanic to show that these guilds are allied under that the same side. To form an empire there needs to be a minimum or even a maximum number of guilds, for example the minimum could be 2 kingdoms and 4 countries in order to form an Empire.

2. How to control territory: As the map is already divided into different regions/servers Empires have the gold to control as many as possible of those. To control a region an Empire only needs to have atleast 1 guild or a guilds outpost* settled within that region. Each region can only have settlements/bases from only 1 Empire (any guild that is under the same empire) to be considered under control, if there is more than one different empires within the same region then it is still under conflict. Once the region is under control for atleast 1 week/month from a single Empire then all the guilds within get an economical bonus.

3. Rewards for controlling territories : For each territory that an empire has under control all the guilds could receive a certain of in-game currency or even more special rewards depending on the difficulty of the region (for example the far north servers and the far south ones are considered much harder to settle and maintain due to lack of resources). However each guild within the controlling empire receives a reward separately (at their monument?) for each server they control in total.

4. What to do with rewards? As those rewards could be more specific materials. The choice would be in-game currency as in gold coins. However for this system to work there must be multiple uses for the currency and must expensive in order to maintain its value. Good examples could be more end-game content as to wage and even maintain wars with other guilds (witch is already planned I believe) but also can be spend on more things like T3-T4 armors that are available to be bought, ships?, more siege equipment that is to be added later, OR even could make castle keeps/walls to also cost gold coins in addition to the already resources they cost. Anything actually that could value the effort of players and reward them with end-game content.

Additional features to help this system work:

• *Outposts: As mentioned before outposts could be a feature for guilds within an Empire. Once a country or a kingdom manages to reach t3-t4 monument they can expand on different server/regions by setting outposts. Outposts are much smaller claims (similar to personal claims but start at a 15x15 and stay like that) that a guild within an empire can place on another server/region to try control it. Outposts have no inner-outer claim radius, they are solely for the purpose of building a fort to control that region/server. Once the outpost is settled and there is no other enemy-empire base or outpost within the region then it is considered under control. To destroy an enemy outpost an enemy empire can place a challenge monument nearby (just like the instance battles challenges) and after 12? Hours the outpost can be sieged normally for a certain amount of time just like there was judgment hour on.

What can also be achieved with that system:
• Guilds focusing on expanding through the whole map of the MMO and have a purpose fighting each other over something that has a meaning.
• Multiple siege events happening at the outpost-claims that don’t require so much time as to siege a main claim of a kingdom or country guild. That requires much effort and time already.
• Avoid multiple allied guilds overcrowded in a single server witch not only pushes the game to its limits lag-wise but also making it very hard to oppose them without insane numbers
• Fighting and pvp through the whole mmo map and not just focused on a few specific servers.
• Make some servers that are very hard to settle due to the lack of basic resources have a worth aswell.
• Make players and guilds interested to a higher purpose on the game rather than just fight each other at the same spots over and over.
• Copper/silver/gold mines if they can be used to forge currency coins they have much more value to have control on.

**While Empires can be allied with each other they still have to expand on different regions in order for both of them to receive the rewards of territory control and this helps avoid overcrowded servers and areas and makes the game more challenging.

***Guilds that are NOT within an empire do not count within territory control and do not affect those are fighting for them. So neutrality is an OPTION.
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    Friday, July 28 2017, 01:19 AM - #Permalink
    While I see your point, if you look at eve, there have usually been two or three mega-coalitions that control everything and trying to make your way into nullsec you have to either bend over or somehow gain a strong enough following to fight the big guys off, and in this game that would probably be even harder, especially if you give more rewards to someone who already controls a quarter or half the entire server will make that faction a juggernaut that can wipe people away with hardly a though.

    Now i know most people just think some enemy will already be there or always be there to challenge an empire that gets too big, or it will have internal struggles, which is going to be true some of the time but you cant count on that all the time and you definitely don't want to feed the faction who controls everything already so those who do rise up get crushed.

    I do support the idea of having Guild>Kingdom>Empire though, albeit the game isnt ready for it, wait for more guilds to be part of kingdoms than guilds not part of kingdoms then have something like that, and while i still dont support the idea of giving an empire more direct benefits make it potentially easier for players to interact, like special buildings for trade between kingdoms and guilds or something, it would be good to have more community brainstorming on the idea.
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    Tuesday, August 07 2018, 11:14 AM - #Permalink
    Can you make the game on Telmun less easy please. With the outpost and slaves I just don't have enough job to do as a cook : 25 min on the kitchen and the guild has food for a month (real time) and I have so many Blue Prints that I spend most of my time reading and organise them. I sell food to the crown, I don't know what to do with all that money cause the claim is FREE on Telmun ! Also, agriculture : No need to search for matérials (outpost plants fibers is OMG so productif), no berries (which was tricky to find in the past) no need for fertilising the fields for herboriste the outpost give you the 2 plants you want good quality 200 of each! Yes ok for the hives thx no outpost for this or for fertilizer OUFS. The field are 100 in only 2 mouth cause you dig a bit and find fertile soils 90-100 under the ground ?! Never saw this on Buyan! Got to give it to you the clay and granite are better hidden ... outpost of clay of course. OK enough whining! Suggestions (weird ones, I'm well aware of that). If perso where eating more or if some physical activity make them more hungry or the good food require more ingredients (why not gourmet recipes 10 ingredients) Or have some recipes that need to be cook in a stove with timer (like the alcool). Or add a few steps (pasteries/bakeries) What's up with the chestnuts are they worthless (dessert, oil, medecine) ?! Or add building/skills/food (bakery/tavern/café shop/dairy market /sushi/pasta/resto/butcher) Okidoki that's it for now... Thx
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    Thursday, September 13 2018, 07:13 PM - #Permalink
    i like your idea bro
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    Sunday, September 16 2018, 08:40 PM - #Permalink
    I just created this below.


    It seems somewhat related to you ideas which i agree with. Thoughts? I think we are on the same page though.
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