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Guild hierarchy

What I am really missing is that I could assign players in my guild to be in what level of hierarchy they are based on the trust. 2 or 3 I think (better would be 3) would suit the best number of players. Like, of course there would be the well-known person/guild master. but here could be these layers of roles in the right order:

1. The feudal's - people with full access to anywhere in the claim region.
2. The settlers - people with mediocre access (everything up to "The community" hierarchy layer).
3. The mere peasants - people with the lowest accessible places.

There a trust issues with people, you put them in the guild to help you out, but there are people that I don't really trust, but I don't want to follow them around and watch them over what they are doing to the claim and so on, or when they just leave their own guild, to gain access to other guilds steal stuff from those guilds while no one is online, and benefit from this.

Even though, this is life is FEUDAL, that means there should be estates of higher, mid and lower classes.

How to take part in who accesses into what places?
There could be a possibility to make buildings/chests/wardrobes/gates with an additional bar in "Authority" for only the guild master to choose of the selected unit, to changes the access (mainly what i think, there should be a status bar that slides of the access levels) for the members. No one wants a new added peasant to run around freely through the keep doing nothing. He has to earn the privilege to run like a peasant in keep doing nothing as he is trusted enough.

By default all accessibility can be stated to the peasant level that upon starting everyone is equal if so there would be players that don't agree with me, they could never even touch this function and play as this would have never been implemented.

If this does get into a working progress, I have a wish - name the lowest class "Peasants".

That is all.
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