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This was a game that a year ago was like with more than 3000 people now its only a shadow of what it was. I had a lot of fun with this game so i will make a good farewell, i will send you a feedback that i think that can help to save this proyect.

Fist i want to say the good things: 1º A great combat sistem 2º A skill tree that makes player gather in big cities 3º A good resource sistem

And then why it died: 1º The worst thing was that when you die you not only lose equipment but xp. Losing xp make the people fear to die. That fear trasforms in to less pvp and that kill part of the Player base. 2º The second thing that kill the game was the difficulty of a big citie to make a small citie its vassal. If you cant take steal by force and destroy by force at any moment whats the point of attaking? Whats the point? Less than a 20% of the player base have never saw a siege in this medial game.

(other bat thing was the character limit)

You promise a Hardcore game and we got a paternalist game.

I think that you should work in this thngs, make a remaster, give it free to the original player base (sell skins)(cool skins) and make a good marketing.

I have spent a while writting this.

Sayonara :(
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