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Ideas from a newbie...

Few things i'd love to see implemented (without mods) to make this game fun and accessible to new players. Apologies if some of these are already available and I've just not played it enough to find out...

1. Time of year and annual cycle - a more granular break down of the time of year so I can chance at sowing crops earlier, plus a slower annual cycle, it just seems too fast in it's current state and ruins the imersiveness (sp?).
2. The terraforming is just annoying in it's current state, implement some logic to make the newly terraformed plot link with adjacent plots, and smooth out the join between the two. Not being able to build something because of one small kink is just plain annoying.
3. Bridges should be a one click drag and drop from shore to shore to get the main structure built. Then add junctions and additional walkways afterwards. None of this painful alignment / destroy / rebuild bs.
4. Global stats to show required produce verses actual i.e "you need 2000 food (of sorts) for your 10 ppl, but you're only producing 1500...". Maybe a tooltip when you hover over a global stat. Yeah, could be considered hand holding, but at least make it an option to show if needed.
5. Increase the camera zoom so we can zoom out more to see more of the village/s.
6. 4k HUD scaling. At 4k I can't read the HUD easily without getting right up to my monitor, please can use add scaling to options?
7. Upgrade fishing to include lobsters pots etc for added calories. Upgrade even more to produce small fishing boats for bigger catches such as sharks. No vicinity penalty when using upgraded buildings with boats, just slower catches.
8. Upgrade coop option to include fencing to protect livestock even if it means adding a secondary job requirement.
9. A notice to say that upgrading a house will basically kill the inhabitants unless another abode is available. C'mon, give us a fighting chance ;)
10. BATTLES! Add native tribes to islands that could be either diplomatically absorbed or defeated with soldiers. Or the occasional invading forces in ships. New technology boost reward or capture a ship etc,
11. Additional goals to achieve with your islands ie. reach the top of a mountain and build a statue, defeat or use diplomacy on native tribes, find a lost treasure, achieve x or y. Could be fun :)

Just a few ideas I'd really love to see soon :)
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