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Library / etc. logs/journal

I was wondering if i could build "library" like building. to see example all my recipes, expeditions logs, disaster aftermaths, etc.
It would let you see "statistics" and all other currently hidden stuff. like currently i do not even know who is educated and who is not, and speaking of which it would further educate citizens. was pretty crappy explanation.
and it could give expeditions deeper story, for example where they visited, what they found, should it further rehearsed, was it camped full of raiders, etc... just little info about it.

Life is feudal: Forest village.

btw. i like to make things like BIG/humongously. and I i would like video game that has so many different layers, I already build big castle, but would like to further improve my city, and conquer other islands and start my own "nation" consist of few islands, and then rave the war, and build even bigger. well. that's another story for now. ;) :D

Bright / Wave in water

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