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This game sounds amazing and very exciting but it still has many things to be improved :

1) Terraforming is a great tool but sometimes the height difference is much too high and the workers cannot access. We should be warned when our terraforming does not allow the workers to access.
Terraforming around a building does not impact the position of the building, it should. Because some buildings are suddenly no more accessible to the workers and we cannot destroy it :%)
2) Starving : I had people coming back to town with food on their back but they died of starving on the way :shock: . Believe me, if I am hungry and I have food on my back I eat it ! Please do not allow harvesters to die from starving while they carry food
3) Chicken and sheep : one of the biggest problem here is that every 2 farms built are not harvested correctly. For instance my first chicken plot delivers the eggs but my second one does not and the path to the chicken is clear (no access disturbance). I have over 4'000 eggs not delivered in the reserves. Same for the wool, my second plot has also over 4'000 units not delivered
4) Please let us farm the donkeys :)
5) Building a farm should be completed with 2 animals already in order to procreate. Actually I have to build 2 similar farms and move all the animals to the same plot to insure procreation
6) Access to the buildings is a great problem. Many times I set a building on a terraformed area and no one could access it because of the height difference. Let put an additional building case around the buildings to allow a 100% access or plan an access when the workers are building. Maybe show the building red when the path is blocked for access.
7) Buildings overview : my village is actually up to 200 people and I have a lot of buildings hidden by the trees. This is very hard to locate a hunting hut, a well, a mine, a food reserve with such vegetation. Please help us to locate the buildings easier.
8.) What is the link between food consumption and calories ? I didn't get it. Pies have 4 to 5x more calories than row food but are eaten as fast. We need more resources to produce them but they bring no benefit, they should last 4 to 5x more than row food. I lost a whole population because of this.
9) Crops harvest : I don't get why some crops are not fully harvested before winter. 100% of my crops are occupied with farmers and I always start planting when the temperature hits +1 degree starting of the year, so early enough. End of the season, some fields are fully harvested and some amazingly only half or 2/3 :shock:
10) Food and material dispatch : we should set the destination of the food and material to dispatch them a better way and choose if we want the workers or the donkeys to make the way to the stock buildings. Maybe you should assign some food or material quantities to each reserve building ;)
11) Stocking limits are not working. I have sometimes quantities over the limit I set and my stocks are full of stuff I don't need
12) Allow us to destroy the stuff we don't need, either they just badly overload our reserves
13) Overall statistics should be implanted in the game. This way we can see the needs of our population in calories, coal, clothes etc ... and how much we would produce if all posts are 100% occupied. Would be great to show the percentage of the needs covered by the assigned workers :good:
14) Just a 2 copper idea about the food, maybe you should allow us to build food shops (butchers, fish stalls, pie sellers, etc... ) so our walking workers do not continuously die of starving on their way.
15) Let us set priorities to the job of the workers. I sometimes saw a worker starving or freezing and instead of heading back home he got back to his/her working spot :Search: . We should be able to tell him : hey, do not be fool and take care of you :D
16) Harvesting animals : if I well got it, and I did :) , the hunter who killed an animal first brings the meat and then make a second time the way to catch the fur. It would be smart to set priorities for the hunters. When you are badly in need of meat and you see your hunters loosing time bringing furs back as you already have 10'000 units in stock ... :shock: :sorry:

For your information, I played almost 50 hours and after a lot of failed starts, I finally created a village with about 200 people, warm clothes supply, coal for each house and my stocks are full (I soon have to build more stock buildings as houses :crazy: )

Many thanks for your attention and congratulation for the game, it is on the way to become one the best medieval building simulation ever ! :Bravo:
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