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Curretly no matter what food you planting, it either be Fruit or Potato symbol! we wants more varieties and different food has different effects and connection.

potato gives you extra working hours as more energy in it,
cabbage and other veges give villager vegetarian benefits--- increase life period 0.05% per time consume might be.
Meat give villager extra strength like walking 10% faster or carry a slight bit more stuffs
Kitchen implement: allow villagers to cook different various of food combination, buff stack together and more efficient!
Starving bar implement: allow us to see how starving the villager is , and has a training place to increase it somehow......
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    Friday, June 02 2017, 04:52 AM - #Permalink
    I think it is better to create meals.
    It is more realistic and every food has its usefulness.

    Example I posted on the Steam forum :

    Meals and nutrition
    Houses, hostels and taverns prepare meals with the available food. A meal has a cumulative caloric value.
    The meals have five levels of quality: bland, simple, appetizing, tasty and delicious.
    Quality affects the happiness of the villagers :
    - bland : Loss of happiness;
    - simple : no effect;
    - appetizing : increases happiness a little;
    - tasty : increases happiness moderately;
    - delicious : great increase in happiness.

    Quality depends on the diversity of foods :
    - bland : one food;
    - simple : two different foods;
    - appetizing : three different foods, at least one meat and one vegetable;
    - tasty : four different foods, at least one meat and one vegetable;
    - delicious : five different foods, at least two meats and two vegetables.
    Salt and spices increase the happiness conferred by a meal.

    Meat : fish, meat (beef, chicken, pork...), egg , chesse, legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas...)
    Vegetable : vegetable (Potato, cabbage, pumpkin ...), bread and fruit (apple, orange...)

    During a meal, the villagers drink: water, milk, beer, wine, juice, tea, coffee...

    Fish pie, meat pie... They have a new function, the villagers can keep them in their inventory to eat them when needed.

    Foods are now distinguished from one another, even if they belong to the same category and therefore have their own caloric values.
    For example with a short non-exhaustive search (100g, kcal) :
    - potato : 77;
    - cabbage 25;
    - Whole cow's milk : 61 (goat : 69, sheep : 108);
    - apple : 52;
    - orange 49;
    - chicken : 239;
    - beef 250 (depending on the piece);
    - bread 250.
    Obviously, it is necessary to adapt to realistic portions in the game and that the real value depends on too many factors to represent them.

    Yes, potatoes are much more interesting than cabbages, but having both allows better quality for the meal.
    It can also have different on production in the fields.
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    Thursday, September 24 2020, 07:21 PM - #Permalink
    Interesting to read about a variety of food and vegetable. This phase potato is potato and cabbage is cabbage not a potato make me laugh so hard. Can you please for my college project. Hope to read more such informational content on every single visit.
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    Thursday, September 24 2020, 07:23 PM - #Permalink
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