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More realistic farming

You can not grow those delicious potatoes forever on the same piece of Land :D I suggest something like a "soil fertility bar" or another way to highlight soil fertility. Growing crops will reduce fertility over time. Different Crops have different fertility requirements: However, there could be different ways for restoring fertility:

- Grow a different Crop on the field, a technique called crop rotation (different crops need different nutrients) This would slowly restore fertility

- Pick up Manure from the Coops and Pastures and bring it on the field. Farmers would from time to time (similar to watering, but less frequent) visit coops to get organic fertilizer.

Another Idea:, There could be similar to mining values for fertility of the soil to begin with (green, yellow, red) which if for example red, first need to be fertilized after the field is set up before growing is possible. On green areas there is high fertility
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    Monday, November 21 2022, 09:05 PM - #Permalink
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    Tuesday, September 06 2016, 12:40 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Eko!
    Nice Ideas
    First, the numbers you researched look accurate, howether i personally think it's too much detail, but a good orientation! We also don't have a clue how much water is brought on to the fields, since we just see a % scale. I believe it would be easiest to just keep it that simple for fertility as well. Farmer picks up a unit of manure and therefore % of fertility raises. Manure could be brought from coop and pasture keepers to the barns or there could be an additional small building like the well to store it as you suggested, since those lazy bastards aren't doing much work anyhow :D, not even fighting off animals >:( . But it would be a good idea to make chicken produce less manure than e.g. cows and pigs as you indicate. Balancing of how much manure, how fast fertility declines, how fast manure is produced, is anyhow decided and tested by the Dev's and with modding in the future open to be tweaked.

    Vote for our shitty ideas :D
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    Monday, September 05 2016, 04:34 PM - #Permalink
    Hi, look at my suggestion and tell me how you like that? :)
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