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Currently, if i want to give the broad public access to my guilds tradehouse, i have to either give everyone access to my entire realm claim, or i have to pay for a personal claim,
If i want to lock up a warehouse to keep new recruits out of our special resources, i have to pay for another personal claim. If i want to create a public stable where visitors can store their horses, i have to use another personal claim.

Considering this game was made in the image of Wurm Online, this permission system is an embarrassment.

Why do i have to PAY to claim land and manage permissions, ON MY OWN guild claim? I already own this land, why do i need to pay more?
The entire system is ridiculously bland and offers very little customization.

You already have craftable locks in this game. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together.
Craft a lock -> Right click a warehouse/other container -> Lock warehouse -> Manage permissions
Manage who can open/close the door, who can access the inventory, who can give permission to others.
This should be the case for almost all structures, chests, cupboards, and arguably tradecarts.
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    Sunday, February 11 2018, 09:44 AM - #Permalink
    I join your discussion by asking the Dev to implement a complex system of permissions and management of Guild.
    We leaders would like to be able to read the LOG of each of our member, to understand when they log, as they don't log, to better organize the active and inactive.

    We would like to be able to create new rankings, more than the current ones.
    Modify the "Can Use Objects on My Lands" Permit.
    I want to give permission to open the gate, but I don't want them to open the warehouse, or the crates.
    What is proposed by XRuecianX is an excellent solution, also increasing the gameplay.
    For example, a player who lives as a hermit, can have a house and a warehouse locked without a Personal Claim, but is'nt totally invulnerable, because you could break the warehouse up to allow the "loot", or you could create a minor skill as "thief" that allows to use picklocks.
    The game is based on Database, and I don't think it's difficult to do this.
    The current system of permits is really useless, you can give everything or you can't give nothing. For a Guild with 100 players it's impossible to manage the permissions without a Personal Claim.
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