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Skill Tree Rework

I feel the skill tree could use a little reworking. I actually like the current skill point limit and feel it can work for this MMO. You don't want individual self contained geniuses that can do everything and not need anyone else, I feel like that was actually what often turned me off to YO, if the server had a higher skill cap, end game often become solitary or strictly pvp because you all could do everything alone and didn't need to trade.

What I do feel could be addressed is the current progression of skills.

For instance, if one wants to be a tailor, he must first grind away at animal lore and procuration. But once he has done that, he can now tame animals and tan leather and becomes a one stop shop for all animals, leather and cloth.

The same with a cook, he must get at least 60 in farming and advanced farming, making him a solid farmer and cook.

In the current system, if one wants a cook, he might as well also be a really good farmer. A tailor, also a horse breeder.

I would like to see either another way to access being a cook (such as a direct progression from nature's lore, since it also involves cooking, or separate those two) and tailoring not being tied to the taming and raising of animals.

OR the ability to degrade a skill below 60 and not affect the skill AFTER it. For instance, if you must learn animal lore and procuration to become a tailor, once you've unlocked it, you can unlearn those previous skill points while remaining a tailor.

Doing so would allow a much greater variety in trades and create more jobs within a guild. It would also allow someone to be a decent cook or brewer or a horse trainer without having to put a ton of skill points toward intelligence and still be able to be a decent fighter or have agility or willpower.

It would create the ability to have a single character that does what you want him/her to do without needing more skill points or multiple characters to have a few basic trades available.

I feel like the current skill tree works in YO because you can still learn multiple trades due to the higher skill cap. But with limited skill points, I feel the current tree severely limits character options. In my time playing I feel like there's only a very few character builds available with this system ( All skill points to one of the 3 starting skills, and then max out one branch to get to one end tier skill (for example, tailor), but as a side effect you also eliminate the value of just a 'hunter' or animal taming character, because your tailor can already do all that, too.

Breaking up the skill tree some more OR allowing for reallocating previous skill points while keeping the next tier you've unlocked would allow for much greater variety and interesting character development, while still keeping you from having masters or every trade.

Thank you.
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    Wednesday, September 18 2019, 09:46 AM - #Permalink
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    Thursday, December 12 2019, 10:23 AM - #Permalink
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    Friday, January 24 2020, 12:40 PM - #Permalink
    I think skill tree rework should make it would seem that a structured plan. In this way, it will be dependent upon the player to choose where to spend the exp focuses. Clearly it should be difficult to go for full aptitudes in the tree.

    Regards: Jonathan Harold
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