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Small Group Claims

I'm new to this game so forgive me if this has been posted many times before!

I started playing this with two of my friends, and we were going to build a small hamlet to farm our lands! but we soon realized we couldn't make a guild claim to protect our small hamlet, and private claims would be too expensive if it were to cover all three shacks and working stations (We'd have to haul logs all the time).

So my request is a smaller claim, between guild and private, for groups between 2-9..
Something along the lines of 'Band Monument', with a smaller area and upkeep than guild but big enough for a small 'production camp' or village.
This would be for those who don't have 10 friends, or want join a big guild..

This would create small settlements that can fill the gap between large guilds on the map. This would also offer unique opportunity for large guilds to create satellite-camps for production, or they could offer protection against bandits/enemies in exchange for trade-rights..

I think that this would increase immersion and realism, as well as improve roleplay! I imagine there would be small specialised production settlements/camps manned by just a few inhabitants like logging camps, fishing huts, farms, mining companies and fur stations, that could trade with the bigger guild forts/towns! This would emphasize the importance of trade between settlements!

These settlements of different sizes would cater to those who want to be a small independent group, or even a lone-wolfs, as well as to the people who seek the lifestyle befitted to members of a large community

Please excuse my English!
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    Tuesday, February 13 2018, 09:57 PM - #Permalink
    This is a very good idea...

    Me and my friends also have the problemes that we to discover the game without beeing part of a big guild. But we have to spend so much time to trade the coins to pay for the private monuments... Think they are too expensice or the 10-member-border is to great... It would be awesome to get a chance to expand and winning new members ... so the idea of a "band-monument" is wonderfull
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    Wednesday, February 14 2018, 03:14 PM - #Permalink
    This is a great idea and could be useful even for guild who want to settle a little camp in specific area.
    In the meantime to earn copper easily, making tons of baked clay tiles is relatively easy and very lucrative.
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    Monday, October 26 2020, 06:32 AM - #Permalink
    great work.
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    Monday, October 26 2020, 06:49 PM - #Permalink
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