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Survey soil option for farmers:

Crops quality and yield are effected by soil and weather.
weather is hard to see, and impossible to predict (currently, maybe add a weather forecaster option *your bones ache , its going to rain* *you pray to god for rain, tomorrow it will rain*)

But soil quality is something a farmer would look for.. Sadly the only way to see what the quality of the soil is, is to dig it up.. and mouse over it. Doing this for a field of 100X100 is.. and i can tell you for sure.. boring, finding Q90-100 soil and digging it up and dumping it as a topsoil is boring and time consuming as well

At the very least I would like to see an option (like observe) to see the quality of the soil in the tiles around me, what would be ideal thou, is to be able to increase this or .. equalise and increase it for large zones (10x10 at a time)
: You observe the soil around you, see that the Q of 1 tile is 100 and 1 is 50 etc etc, the avg is 35 , you use your arming abilities to equalise the Q of the tiles so they all become 35 (several actions perhaps) then use fertiliser to upgrade this(currently 1 fertiliser adds 1 point of Q per 10 of Q for said fertiliser, per tile..
So you need thousands of poo.. to upgrade a big field to 100Q, and doing this all 1 tile at a time. it makes no sense, so instead of that..
You first equalise the 10x10 (5x5 or w/e) zone around you then use 5 or 10 or w/e amount of poo at a time to upgrade all those tiles the same amount at a time (even if its 1 point per 10, at least its not 1 tile at a time..

Ofc this would be a high lvl farming skill, perhaps a combination skill (like you need 100 Teraforming , 100 farming and 60 procuration to activate said skill)
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    Sunday, April 26 2015, 12:30 PM - #Permalink
    I agree.
    Just small note: soil Q is allwayz the same as plant fibers Q, you harvested from that tile. So on grassy area you don't exactly need to dig soil just gather sample of fiber.
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