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Time day :
- night : villager go sleep in house or hostel
- morning : breakfast house, taverne or hostel, after go job
- midday : villager go eat house, taverne or hostel, or eat bread in inventary
- evening : stop job, go eat house, taverne or hostel, then they will have fun.
Buildings have an option to force work at evening and even at night, but the villagers are not very happy...

A villager who has not eaten enough will be discontented and less productive, his condition will gradually deteriorate by becoming less and less productive until he dies of hunger. This takes more than a day, say 2 or 3 days. It will take some time for villagers to fully recover after a young person, especially if he has been severe.

A season lasts three (or five) days. The temperature changes during the day. It can be hot during the day and cold at night.
Add heating for schools, bakeries, weaver's workshop ...

Each crop at a period of growth. Productivity depends on the quality of the crop (an overall building statistics). Damage (flooding, drying, freezing, high temperature) gradually diminishes the quality (some plants may be better resistant to gels, others may be more fragile to floods ...).
Culture is destroyed when quality reaches zero. If the crop is harvested prematurely, it will be less productive depending on the number of days remaining.

When the villagers are free. They can go and have fun.
The entertainment buildings are :
- Park / Garden, the villagers can even harvest some fruits from the trees.
- Ponds that can be seeded with fish (Need oats?), The villagers will be able to entertain themselves while keeping some fish at home
- Theater, an expensive building, but of great capacity with excellent entertainment
- Suggestion?

Birth and stage of life
A woman must wait at least 3 "seasons" (the number of days depending on the length of the season) before she can give birth again.
But she can have twins, triplets ...

Stage :
- Baby : 0 to 3 years
- Toddler : 3 to 5 years
- Children : 5 to 8 years
- Pre-teenager : 8 to 14 years
- Teenager : 14 to 20 years
- Adult : 20 to 45 years
- Senior : +45 years

Babies need the presence of a teenager or an older person. Parents can carry a baby on them while vacant to their occupation, otherwise someone must stay at home. Babies are fragile and can die.
Toddlers also need the presence of a teen or an older person. They are able to follow their parents, but they will slow them down.
The children will go to school on working hours and they are autonomous.
Pre-teenagers will complete their study as needed. They are somewhat less productive workers.
Adolescents are like adults except that teenagers have less probability of giving birth and it is more dangerous for the health of the mother.
Adults can get married, which increase the happiness of people temporarily, such as births. A temple would be good for that.
Seniors are more fragile and less productive, but they make excellent teachers. Women are sterile.

Babies and toddlers can live in a full house. But the extra children will be abandoned and sent to the orphanage (if there is one).
Teenahers can change their homes.
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    Tuesday, June 13 2017, 06:38 PM - #Permalink
    Only issue with this is that the game wont be able to expand as quickly as it does with the magical 1 yr baby-to-adult cycle.
    Like in your case, after game start, 8 yr would have passed before the 2 teens would become productive.

    But I really like the entertainment idea of a pond . Would be pretty having pond side houses and also ponds giving a small trickle of fish.
    Rivers would be good add to. Someone has requested that, I think.
    Only issue is I would like a big pond say on a mountain at elevation above sea level. I don't think the devs planned for inland water bodies
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  • Accepted Answer

    Tuesday, June 13 2017, 08:06 PM - #Permalink
    It is possible to allow the children to occupy certain jobs. A child fisher is logical for example, but it would be less productive, especially if not educated.
    To help demographic growth at the beginning, one could add events of shipwrecked.

    An accuracy, taverns increase happiness much more effectively with alcohol.
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