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Tree supply for lone wolf players

Im trying to start out on my own, totally survive as a lone wolf. Maybe a guild later,who knows. But any decent areas with trees are pretty much all taken up by large guilds. Along the shores there are no trees whatsoever. There are no small lakes w/trees for single cabin people to plant their roots. Even if there were small pockets of trees in snowy areas, small groups of people could have options on where to live. Any trees that are now near any water, there are numerous builds going on, undoutably from guilds. The land is massive, small pockets of forest scattered throughout would lead i bet to lots of single families popping up. It would add so much more realism.
Please consider! Thank you as well for such an awesome game! Great work!!!
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    Monday, January 07 2019, 01:02 AM - #Permalink
    This game lacks attention for solo players, or small groups.
    Not much resources for small groups out there. I hope they improve that on the larger map coming up on 0.2.0 update
    Also, I hope they focus on small groups. Perhaps give them the ability of stealth, live in the woods, not appearing on the map... Give small groups some advantage or protection.
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    Friday, January 11 2019, 01:15 AM - #Permalink
    Vlandddd, Нет! И вы будучи якобы без гильдии, будете скрытно заниматся производством причём менее безопасным, и потом передовать это Гильдии своей или в которой состоите. Нет уж, извините, но это предложение не имеет право жить в таком формате.

    dtuck5283, Деревьев полно! просто вы хочете всё на блюдечке. Приложите усилия, и деревья будут расти там где вы хочете когда их посадите.
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    Tuesday, January 15 2019, 03:39 PM - #Permalink
    The MMO is not for solo players, it is an MMO!
    You only need to grind through farming to get to forestry to start gathering sprouts and planting your own trees.
    You can make a macro to gather items for Nature's Lore to 60 and Farming to 60, then get to Forestry.
    Just do the work, don't ask for free trees.
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    Wednesday, January 23 2019, 12:24 AM - #Permalink
    Arevin....MMO = Massive Multiplayer - Nowhere does it say this MMO is not for solos! It is just harder, but extremely possible. However what I'm stating is there is a shortage of playable areas where a solo can start right away. All or most areas with trees are already occupied by huge guilds. Not one of those guilds had to get to forestry to gather and plant sprouts. Realistically there were people surviving in this period out all on their own. What I'm saying is the game/map could have been made to encourage at least a decent chance for solos. It would be more realistic and interesting. Who's to say all players who started off solo will actually never join a guild later on, after they're more experienced and capable?
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