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Tweaks that come to mind after 50 hours

First of all, I love the game. I think its brilliant and I'm highly addicted to it, which seldom ever happens to me. Bravo! I hope you keep developing it for a long time to come.

There are, however, some tweaks I would recommend which I think would improve it further:

1) Villager AI
Given how easy it is for them to accidentally freeze or starve to death, villagers should (at some point) prioritize minimizing distance over maximizing quality when they are fetching Fuel, Food, Clothing and Tools. Many times now I have seen villagers with no fuel in their house walk right passed 2 barns full of firewood in the dead of winter just so that they could get some charcoal from a 3rd barn much farther away. Madness!
Similarily, villagers seem to be obsessed with fish and pies to the point where they will bypass several barns full of meat, veg, fruit, eggs etc just to fetch some fish from a barn thats so far away it almost kills them by the time they get back home with it. They should make a simple calculation each time as to whether the food/fuel they crave warrants the distance they'll have to travel to get it if other food/fuel is available much closer to home. Otherwise the barn system becomes a nightmare, even with caravans.

2) Wasteful Hunters
When hunters kill and receive fur they should perform a calculation to see if their carrying capacity is over 50% full and if its not they should look for another kill in their area of operation that will also give fur. If one isn't available then they bring what they have back to the barn as usual. Its so wasteful when a hunter kills a fox and then makes the long walk back with just 1 Fur to deposit.

3) Maps with Rivers
I've never seen a starting map with a river on it. This might just be because I've only played for 50 hours and started a few times but it would be good if some rivers could be included in maps from the start. I know we can terraform to create them ourselves but having rivers already existing on maps creates interesting obstacles and avenues of natural development for players early on.

4) More Food & Fuel Stored in Homes
Villagers only seem to take home the bear minimum food they need to survive each time they make the trip and end up visiting the barn more often than they need to. Same with fuel. It would be good if the player could have the option to increase the amount villagers take home with them each time (possibly from the barn window) if the barns have large stockpiles sitting idle.

5) More Forgiving Construction
Terraforming is an ugly business, with those angular slopes everywhere and straight lines, so it would be good if we could avoid some of it by making building placement a little more forgiving when it comes to the landscape. I'm not talking about big slopes here - just those annoying small bumps that could easily be built over if construction wasn't so sensitive.

6) Smoother Edges on Terraforming
And... it would also help the game's aesthetics a lot if the edges on terraformed land could be rounded off/smoothed out a little please. Nothing drastic; just a nice smooth curve.

7) Lights Inside Houses (instead of snow)
Villagers put lights on the outside of their homes, but inside its pitch black. Odd. This becomes a bit of an issue when you want to control a teenager and you have to fumble about in the dark to steer them out of their homes at night. It would be good if they had lights indoors as well. Also, there shouldn't be snow falling inside buildings :)

8) Apiary Orchard/Farm Synergy
If they don't already then Apiary production should benefit from being close to Orchards and Farms and vice-versa (orchards and farms should benefit from bees pollinating the plants).

I hope someone reads this. Thanks!
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