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Whats the point in having a subscription?

So, don't get me wrong, I love the game. And I totally agree that the skill caps prevent one person knowing everything. But actually is that such a problem? But my penny that just dropped is, "why do I need a subscription any more?", Yes it will support the game development which I am looking forward to seeing, but actually there is no benefit to myself once I reach my skill caps.

The benefits of a subscription which are relevant are as follows.

Random weapon skin - Not interested, I don't buy things I cant touch or sell on, be it real money or in game credits.
Random armor skin - Again, not interested, I don't buy things I cant touch or sell on.
150 Free Cells for private claim - useless in the non-protectorates
Experience gain Boosters - useless once caps reached
Death insurance - might be handy, but if I have a stock pile of EXP I have not used am I really going to loose that much????
Larger Experience pool - Useless once I have reached my skill cap and this is full, I will actually be wasting my actions on EXP I wont even get to keep
Level up 2 skills at the same time - Useless once skill cap is reached

As you can see, the vast majority of these are skill based bonuses for developing my character, but once I reach the caps, i now have alot of unusable skill points, these are redundant, and thus the subscription is redundant for myself. So I then return to my query of "Why should I need to continue paying?", and have the developers basically created themselves a bottle neck for subscriptions? I.E. once people reach their limits, subscriptions will drop off, except for those with private claims, which I can see as the only benefit. But as i am out in the wild, and not in the protectorates, this feature is also redundant for me.

I think the skill caps needs to seriously be thought about. Instead of having a cap, maybe instead have a " modifier" whereby the cap is actually a multiplier of how long it takes to learn new skills. Having a subscription obviously allows this to go faster by by a factor of 2 etc.... but essentially, as you learn more you take longer, with no actual limit on what you can learn.

While I understand that this is aimed at making the game more "realistic" at the end of the day it isn't. One screamingly obvious element is that, while you expect the people in the same guild to work together, unlike the real world where everyone in the same village would all get up and go to work, and end their days roughly at the same time, this is not possible in game as people are from all over the world. So when you try to pop to the blacksmith to get a new axe, you cant, as he is in the wrong part of the world.

Another in your face element is that a lot of people actually have multiple characters on the same account. It is quite plausible for one person to have 3 characters which will cover most of the skill base required to play the game solo. And it is very quick and easy to switch between toons, which is a minor set back for the convenience of not having to wait for someone to log in in 12 hours time to make me an axe. Again the fact that this is possible means that once your characters, which are all trainable at the same time, have sufficient points and skills to hit the caps, a subscription is no longer required. Instead the dev's have received only the fee's for the transfers, from one island to another.

Long story short, I would prefer to see the skill caps removed, in favour of an increase in time take to learn skills, even if it takes me 6 months to go from 0 - 30, or 30 - 60, or whatever.

Anyway, nuff said.

Would you like to see the skill cap changed?

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