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First person mode improvements

1) Keyboard shortcuts.
I'd like to be able to bind a key to entering 1st person mode after clicking on a villager.
Another helpful key could be one to make me switch to other villagers - either of the same profession or the same type (ideally both). This would be nice in both first and third person view.

2) Better highlighting of resources.
When I set an area to be harvested for resources, I can't find the marked ones in 1st person. The yellow cross doesn't help at all. Perhaps highlighting the entire resource's shape in two different colours (for day and night lighting) would work well enough.

3) Better "hitboxes".
I have difficulties killing certain animals in 1st person because the prompt to do so doesn't appear. Same goes for some resources. You have to circle around and find that one milimeter where I can actually perform the action. Pretty annoying.

4) Make them stand still!
When you make a villager do something, when they're finished, the instantly either pick the resource up and go back to village, or simply go back to the village. I'd like to be able to tell them to just stand the hell still, because I might have other tasks for them in the area.

5) Walking speed.
With the current walking speed, 1st person is nothing short of punishment. Either increase the walking speed, or add the possibility to run for a few seconds. Also, for balance purposes, separating the speed in 1st and 3rd person modes would be nice. That way you could mod the game to be playable in 1st person and not imbalanced due to villagers sprniting around.

6) Better visuals. The game looks very nice, BUT!!: Textures become an ugly, blurry mess in first person. If the character models and textures can be so nice and detailed, so can the rest of the game world, I would say. Every mediocre PC should handle this without problems. I mean currently the game takes 300MB on disk. There's a lot of headroom I believe.

6a) Better animations. They are a bit crude, and there's not a whole lot of them. Lots of room for improvement here.
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    Monday, May 22 2017, 12:09 PM - #Permalink
    And possibly 7) Show the amount of a resource on mouse over. For example, I might not be interested in mine a pile of 3 stones.
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    Thursday, February 22 2018, 03:14 PM - #Permalink
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    Sunday, May 13 2018, 11:20 PM - #Permalink
    Totally agree! 1st person can actually be a pretty important part of the game if you use it.

    I would add a couple things:

    1. HUD of the building you are interacting with. [OR] at least the option to keep pinned building windows displayed while in 1st person.
    If you're using a villager to move material to a build site or any other building where a certain amount of resources are needed, it can be a real pain to have to exit 1st person to see how much more you need to bring, then you have to find your villager again, etc. Even if you count, other npcs are usually bringing materials too.

    2. Ability to eat and get warm
    Sometimes I'll have a bunch of homeless villagers waiting on a home upgrade, or a forester that went too far out. I'll take control, rush them home, but in that short transition, they've died. If I could just run to the stove and click or something to save them? Oh... that would be amazing. OR I'd make a house full of people eat right before I upgrade the home.
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