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More realistic living arrangements for professions

I was thinking that it's a real shame that I as a hunter / rancher live in exactly the same building as the blacksmith or even the king. The houses do not serve any other purpose than being your spawn point. And I was also wondering, why all the peasants would have to have a house inside the city walls? In reality they had to live outside the town and were allowed in if any danger threatened the city. And I love the idea of having a farmer's house outside the city limits. That's how I came up with the following idea:

The game lacks specialized living quarters for professions.

In medieval times, which blacksmith didn't live on the same piece of land that also was the place of the blacksmith's shop? Which farmer didn't live surrounded by his fields?

So specialized buildings could be added to express this. These buildings would also provide certain buffs. E.g. the farmer's hut would give higher quality to the surrounding crops in a certain distance - much like the area covered by the guild's claim, but smaller. A hunter's shack would lead to a higher spawn rate of huntable animals when the player is online and if the building is distant to other buildings. A rancher's home would increase the breeding and harvest quality of the cattle. A fisher's hut would increase the quality and amount of fish.

These are just a few ideas for specialized living arrangements. Others are also possible. Like having an archer dummy at the archer's house would enable better skilling. The thing is, that these buffs must be enough motivation to live outside town limits but must not be op at the same time. Also, it must be possible to find a way to protect these buildings from camping marauders and criminals. It must be worth it to live in these (maybe more expensive) buildings, instead of just having your average shack or house inside the town.

This would be a really intense addition to realism and the medieval feeling of the game!
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