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Increase Effective Range on Trebuchets.

Hello, The effective range for the trebuchet is now 30 or so tiles. for a weapon that was intended (and made famous for) it's long range, this is massively dissapointing.

The attacking (sieging) side is at such a huge disadvantage as a result of this. The way sieges play out now is that trebs get placed down and the defenders can destroy them insanely fast. Before in most cases the attackers can even get two or three projectiles downrange. Even with a well defended trebuchet.

There is no more placing down trebs in order to encourage people to leave the safety of their walls and encourage a fight. Because they can defend their whole base from their walls. The appeal of trebucheting was 1.(Obviously) to siege a base, and 2. To force the defenders to move out of their walls and encourage a fight, this was probably the most fun aspect. If, in reality, a trebuchet was placed close enough to a fortified position's walls that archers could attack and destroy the trebuchet and its crew then it would be deemed a huge failure, so why, is failure the ONLY option we have if we wish to attempt a siege.

I propose changing the trebuchet range to 50 - 60 tiles. This is far enough that the attackers have a good chance to get a trebuchet up and begin shooting, and close enough that the walls of the base are not useless, (in the interest of game balance.) A long range siege weapon only being capable of shooting 30 metres (when in reality it is 10 TIMES that) is utterly ridiculous. I understand that for game balance having a trebuchet shooting a base from a distance so far there is no real hope of defending from it is also ridiculous, so I am trying to find some middle ground.

I have taken part in multiple sieges and what was once a great, dynamic and very appealing part of the game is now useless for all intents and purposes.

Please, bring back the glory of the trebuchet.

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