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The Problem: Passing through a gatehouse requires fully Opening and Closing the door, allowing any guild member to control it. This can cause new or untrained members to accidentally leave the gatehouse or any door open, and preventing any form of in-game moderation because no area can be secured from intruders.

The Impact: As a result, there's no way to prevent users from accessing personal gear from other peoples' houses, and there's no way to have a private guild storage for money or resources. Everybody has access to everything, which can be very dangerous with large groups. As these groups get larger, automated systems need to be added in-game that can assist leaders to help keep their guilds safe from griefers.

The Solution: There are multiple ways to solve this problem, but the most general way is to add in a new option other than "Open" or "Close". This new action is called, "Pass Through", which would have a 5-10 second cooldown to simulate the normal Open/Close cycle, but also add security to how private areas are accessed.

There are different ways to create systems to moderate door access. I'll explain two: the Power method, and the Key method.
Using a Power method, very similar to Teamspeak, users are assigned different ranks which would have different status levels, allowing people to access different doors depending on their rank. For example, if only alchemists and leaders should have access to the herb storage, power levels would prevent miners from accessing those areas. However, this would require entirely new ranks to be created for individual jobs that require custom access, such as Banker who may be non-leadership who has access to coffers.

The other method is through Keys, which includes a memorized code that's told to a select group or individual. These keys can be in the form of a word or password, or a string of numbers such as a 4-digit pin number. This would allow the average user to protect their equipment by setting a personal pin on their house to enter, but may make it difficult as settlements get larger.
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    Saturday, December 12 2015, 12:15 AM - #Permalink
    If I wanted to play a magical dungeons and dragons game where I could pass through walls and cast spells of flying, I'd be playing a different game. Doors function exactly as they do everything in reality. They're either open, or closed. Sorry bud. Realism shall prevail.
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