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Prospecting for clay!

So I came across this thread on the official forums and was amazed that it's not on the suggestions list.

Having the option to prospect for clay underground would be amazing as right now it's incredibly hard to find (I'm still digging for some myself, I've yet to actually find any) - and I can't say for sure it's even down there :)

+1 so we can prospect for clay!
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    Friday, January 29 2016, 10:30 PM - #Permalink
    Read the tutorial, clay isn't that hard to find
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    Saturday, January 30 2016, 02:46 PM - #Permalink
    I know there is clay on the surface that is easy to find, that is not the focus of this suggestion at all, I'm talking about finding clay underground while making a tunnel, or a mine.

    There are some areas on the map that are far from any of the clay pits which makes it hard to gather, the island for example.

    Being able to prospect for clay and make mines of our own dedicated to it would help alleviate this problem as well as the issue with lack of clay which eventually can happen on a server.
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    Sunday, January 31 2016, 07:02 PM - #Permalink
    If you use "Dig tunnel" instead of "lower ground level" it will make a tunnel that will fill in within about a day or so, so there would be no use for digging mines to find clay
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    Friday, December 15 2017, 08:39 PM - #Permalink
    No offense Philin, but you are missing the OP's point entirely. This is an excellent idea because there is clay underground not underneath surface deposits. Some areas have no surface or beach sources, so being able to seek for clay on a rocky island would definitely be helpful.
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    Saturday, February 10 2018, 12:21 PM - #Permalink
    I think this is a great idea... There needs to be some other way to find clay... I hate how all the guilds are claiming the good clay pits there is hardly any way to claim a good location with a private claim because guild claims are popping up on all of the best locations... It would be awesome for a solo play just trying to gain skill to be able to go to a remote location and discover clay or have a way to produce or refine clay for use in making kilns and furnaces. im pretty much stuck scanning the map traveling for hours to find nothing.
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