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Remove the road of skills we must walk period, it accomplishes nothing. Like the general skills, do an action and gain skill/knowledge. Armour should be trained in walking or riding in armour not by taking hits alone.

Remove the Skill cap.

Crafting: Mastering a craft and creating the highest of quality anything should be controlled by Stats. Different stats for different crafts BUT having intellect as the primary always. For example; intellect, agility and the crafting skills level would raise the quality of a craft that is small or would require deft hands. This would make characters that are primary crafters EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and fulfilling there dreams and purpose, to be a master crafter. Having primary and secondary stats on a craft would also halt any single person from mastering everything.

But even if you had 0 intellect you could still craft you just would make things that are not above say 50 quality or whatever the scale is.

Combat: Taking away the skill lines and the stat cap would not destroy build diversity. It would actually increase the diversity of everyone's gear usage. The paper doll is the limiting factor, 4 weapon slots 1 piece of armour per bodypart. Nobody is going to master axes, swords, spears, bows etc and bring all of those to a fight. For one having 4 weapons on you will weigh you down and second you will pop like a pinata and give everyone fat l00t.

I've found that playing games like C-RPG mod for warband and Darkfall that had very little gear restrictions created an environment where almost everyone is unique. Even if a clan took up a certain combination of armour pieces as a uniform that there would still be diversity in weapon choices of characters with almost the same build. And these gear combinations would change depending on what type of opponent or battle they faced.

I am personally a huge fan of placing different armour types on my character to make a combination that suits my play style. Infighter, outfighter, skirmisher, tank, melee ranger, flanker, armour breaker, Anti Cavalry, the list goes on.

In short I believe in the freedom to do anything and the ability to actually MASTER something and be unique.

I didn't mention it but actual mastery of combat is 90% player skill and only 10% stat/skill numbers as it should be.
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    Sunday, November 01 2015, 11:24 PM - #Permalink
    I don't see why we should have a skill cap. If anyone wants to dedicate their time going into everything, then let them. Also skill lines have already prevented my fiance from helping me do some labor since she went into a different speculation. Not cool.
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    Monday, November 02 2015, 08:41 AM - #Permalink
    Alredy suggested search for "remove skill lines"
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    Monday, November 02 2015, 04:47 PM - #Permalink
    NO! There is already to much players playing hermit style. Its not good for roleplay, its not good for PVP and its not good for Life IS Feudal! You can easily try weapons and than respec to another which will suit you better
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    Monday, November 02 2015, 07:29 PM - #Permalink
    Devs are trying to remove hermiting (umm a new term ?) by reducing skill points to 600. Their main goal is teamwork. So its good for RP, PvP and LiF.
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