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Beasts of war

It would be nice if you could add more beasts that you could tame, and ride into battle, I have a list below of the ones that would be nice to have in game

-War elephant: High health, low mobility, faster than human pulled carts

-Merchant Elephant: High health, low mobility, high inventory space (maybe 600 or so)

-Tamable bear: this would be nice for playing tricks on enemies by letting them loose inside their gates, but the Bears would need mouth straps (to stop them from biting) and possibly a 90 or 100 in animal lore to train, also it would add a bit off fun if they tried to escape from time to time . These would also be good for arenas

-Tamable wolf: I'm not talking about a wolf that attacks things (that would be really op) but I mean a wolf that if you release, follows you, and if your riding a horse, it would preform tracking checks every so often. Also if you are getting chased by an animal or something , you could get the wolf to lead, taunt, lure the enemy animal away, though there would be a chance that the wolf could get killed in the process.

-Wild Elephant: if you were going to try to get a war or merchant elephant you would need to tame one first. My ideal wild elephant would be semi-aggressive meaning it would only attack if provoked, it's normal attacks would deal about 30 hard hp damage or maybe 40 soft hp. It would also have a special attack where it would stun it's opponent with its tusks. Of course the creatures would be rare, but they would have around 1200 hp, and would provide 60-120 bones, 1-3 big hide, 90-200 game meat, and 2 ivory tusks (decor) when killed.

-thank you, please vote if you like it
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    Tuesday, January 19 2016, 12:47 PM - #Permalink
    you can find a long discuss about elephants... nothing to do in the game :)
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    Wednesday, January 20 2016, 05:39 PM - #Permalink
    I'm gonna turn this idea down.

    While elephants are at least open to discussion, I still don't like it. I mean to deal with them properly another game feature would have to follow - pig that you can force to go against them (as elephants are disturbed by their features), perhaps also set let alight (which is rather cruel but actually not historically inaccurate). And a special panic state for elephants would have to be developed, too.

    About the other animals - AFAIK there were no tamed bears nor wolves, simply because they cannot be tamed (a dog is something else, really). So while some animals are possible to think of (for transportation or even war purposes), it's just camels and elephants (and, of course, horses, onagers and such stuff).

    Considering this should be a rather historical game than not, I'm afraid the ones you mentioned won't appear in LiF.
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    Thursday, January 21 2016, 05:00 PM - #Permalink
    I don't like the idea of tamed wild animals either. However, I do feel we need more animals in the game. I'll create a different post for that though, as it's a different subject matter.
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    Friday, November 18 2022, 04:13 AM - #Permalink
    I think that's also a good snake io idea. It's interesting to include the war elephant image. I see that everyone doesn't like it very much, but I think something new should be tried. Wish you like.
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    Saturday, November 19 2022, 03:55 PM - #Permalink
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    Sunday, November 20 2022, 05:35 AM - #Permalink
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