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I believe it should be completely possible to make coins. I think the devs should add money pouches (2) slots on the T screen. each can carry up to 300 gold pieces max. Have A safe that can be build either with wood, copper, iron or steel. With the creation of the currency, I believe it would be best to have it be possible to Make your own coins. Yes an economy would end up being ruined IF you kept the same amount of gold in circulation, but think about it, when the real world was finding gold, did countries tell others, "No your not allowed to add your new found gold into our trading system?" No, if someone finds alot of gold, they find alot of gold. Looks like they better keep it quiet or better defend the hell out of it. Does that mean Gold needs to be harder to find, yes I believe so. I also believe when your carrying it, and you get attacked/your town/village gets raided, i believe your house should be able to be broken into and they take/destroy your safe and take all your gold. What does that mean? Guilds can put their gold together and better fight tooth and nail to make sure no one takes it. This also means that someone who chooses to live that life, can make it worth their while to be able to be one of the richest ppl on the server. Just my thoughts on it.
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    Thank you for this information.
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