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New Claim System

My suggestion is changing guild monuments with buildings. Only thing that changed is buildings. All other monument functions are same.

As guild buildings are "buildings", you can put furniture, claim rooms and access monument interface from building.

There is 3 types of guilds: Guilds, Sub-Guilds and Religious Guilds

They are same with vanilla guilds. Erect a guild building and its done. You cant build your guild building on another guild claim nor you cant claim on another claim. Larger keeps means larger borders. Can house Sub-Guilds if keep level is higher than 3.

Monument1=Saxon Hall
Monument2=Wooden Keep
Monument3=Small Stone Keep
Monument4=Stone Keep
Monument5=Large Stone Keep

There is only 2 types of sub-guild buildings. They have same function. Sub-Guild buildings can be placed on Guild and Religious Guild Claims if their building level is higher than 3. Sub-Guild claim is equal to Monument 2 and cant upgrade.

Monument2=Headquarters/Merchant Guild

Religious Guilds
Religious Guilds have a bit different claim system; their claim is optional. İf they claim lands, they will act like normal Guilds(they can house Sub-Guilds etc.). İf they dont claim lands, they can built on Guild Claims. To build it in a Guild Claim, you need at least 1 level higher keep than the church. You can do religious actions at theese buildings.

Monument2=Small Church

Political Furniture
Administration Table: You can inspect and craft all types of documents here. İf you are a member of a guild and have a guild seal you can impress seal on documents.

Council Table: In general, it is a poll table. You can start and vote polls here. You can also chat while on the Poll screen. To be a elector, you have to sit around the table.

Town Board: You can put up documents on this and other players can see the documents if they inspect it.
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  • Accepted Answer

    Tuesday, October 20 2015, 01:42 PM - #Permalink
    I forget to put:
    If you dont sacrifice items to monument, it's claim will vanish not building itself

    Please evaluate the suggestion !
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  • Accepted Answer

    Sunday, November 08 2015, 08:52 PM - #Permalink
    I like the idea of having an actual building (keep) instead of a monument, from which you manage your realm.

    Though I missing a lot of information here.
    What is a subguild and what does it do? What does a headquarters/merchant guild do? How does all of this work together
    And what is a religious guild? What's the difference between a 'regular' guild?

    My concern with it is the size of the keep versus claim size.
    keeps are big and take up a lot of spaces, claims in the beginning are small, so whenever you upgrade your guild you will need to delete all the buildings around your smaller keep, to make space for the bigger keep. Which means guild will just leave the centre area completely open and build on the edges of a claim, which looks pretty weird.

    I'd say good idea, but you need to work it out a bit more.
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    Tuesday, August 30 2022, 04:17 PM - #Permalink
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    Tuesday, April 18 2023, 01:25 AM - #Permalink
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