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Over all Immersion add ons

Many of these are just repeats of great suggestions previously made, but since a large portion of the game deals with the grind and crafting and every day life aspect, it would be awesome to see some more immersion updates soon as well the also very necessary PvP and server work.

For instance, could we have:
- some additional emotes and animations to provide us with more immersive interactions and experiences will not in combat? (and for that matter, even some combat themed emotes would be great too)
-PEN AND PAPER!! That would be an incredible and loaded update that could add so much in game. Paper and parchment could be crafted from plant fiber, flax fiber, hides. Pens from sticks, feathers and/or bone. Books could be made from multiple units of paper and leather.
It would allow for immersion, leaving of notes when someone is offline or 'not home', a keeping of history, writing of treaties... We all know what we could do with that feature.
-Additional furniture and items. We have all gotten pretty creative with the limited options we have, but it would be really great to have some more stuff to make, sell and put around the claim and interact with.

Just a few things on my mind... Anyone want to comment more specifically on any of them? Like emote suggestions, specific items that we could really use in game, etc?
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    Friday, May 18 2018, 07:59 PM - #Permalink
    I like the book idea. I think it can be something that you can copy blueprints in that can help improve the teaching aspect in the school.
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    Saturday, May 19 2018, 02:23 PM - #Permalink
    Good ideas!


    -> Bowcrafting -> Siege Engines
    -> Forestry -> Paper and Brush


    Or just adding "Parchment" and "Quill Pen" to Procursion would work aswell! :)

    If they dont wanna add the option to name boxes and stuff, this could be a good option aswell. If ppl are allowed to nail up notes on buildings, and on tree's for the early stages, then there wouldnt have to be kaos in the boxes when alot of people store items and cant keep track on where to put what.

    Adding the option to build "signs" would be great aswell! :)
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    Saturday, April 13 2024, 03:18 AM - #Permalink
    Love the variety of cars in Drift Hunters. From the BMW M3 to the Porsche 911 GT, there's something for every car lover!
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    Saturday, April 13 2024, 07:02 AM - #Permalink
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