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Planting Trees Too Close should cause Quality Loss

The Problem: When players want to create a tree farm, they place trees right next to each other per tile, creating a densely packed and unaesthetic cluster of trees that originally would cause massive lag spikes, but is also frequently used as an alternative to palisade walls due to it being so easy to just plant trees and grow a wall instead.

The Impact: Having players construct their walls out of trees may have unexpected consequences when it comes to sieges or defense, in addition to being an unrealistic mechanic compared to real-world standards. Normally, trees are planted at least 2-4 meters apart to keep them healthy and from tangling as they mature.

The Solution: Trees should be impacted by their direct surroundings. For example, if a tree is placed next to a permanently constructed building or object that prevents its placement, the quality of the tree should be reduced by 50%.

This prevents trees from being used as walls, because the maximum quality tree (100) would be reduced to quality 50 and no longer function as a wall. It also forces players to think more about what they want to get out of their farm. They'll need to choose between lots of medium to low quality trees, or space them out to create high quality 50+ quality ones. This will help to keep tree farms looking MUCH more natural, as well as increasing the value of high quality trees because it requires more space to grow.
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    Tuesday, November 24 2015, 11:34 PM - #Permalink
    Very much yes.

    If not for the simple fact that densely packed trees block out the sun for each other in different times of the day and dominate by soaking up all the water in the area.

    If a high quality oak tree with full foliage had an apple tree planted underneath its spread, the apple tree's growth would be stunted.
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    Wednesday, November 25 2015, 12:06 AM - #Permalink
    Do trees even take damage from siege weapons yet? Last time I checked they where pretty much invincible on someone's claim because you could not cut them down or do damage to them, so they where BETTER then walls in just about every way expect being able to fire down from them.

    I would think different trees should need different range requirements, with oaks needing tons of space, Pretty much just look up, if your are still under it's shade at noon your too close to plant a new tree, while apple trees can be grown pretty close as I've seen real life tree farms of apple trees with about 10 or so feet away from each other.
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    Thursday, April 21 2022, 01:44 PM - #Permalink
    Planting trees too close together can result in lower quality logs and a shorter rotation age. If trees are planted too close together, the trees will be competing for light, water, and nutrients which will result in slower growth rates and ultimately lower quality logs. I need to get help with assignment so that I could complete my work on time. The trees are beautiful and very healthy. The packaging was excellent. However, even though they are small, I have a hard time finding space for them. We have a small yard and we have to plant them close together. I am afraid that this may cause too much competition between the trees and will compromise their quality in the future, as they grow bigger.
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