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Professionsystem with skillcap

First of all, i love the life is feudal theme, the skilltree the statcap and the profesions. it makes it a unique game.
I woud realy like to make the game a "life is feudal" game, and not a Banished clone or what it is called at the moment.
For that i woud love to see a profession system or a simple sklill system to be at work.
What i have in mind is a profession system that let's your villagers get better at there job over time and has a skillcap with it.

In detail.

A villager is for example a farmer. He is on the field and doing his work. Now, over time, he is getting better an better at it, and with it is getting faster and faster.
At the winter month he is fishing at the see and is also getting better at it.
Now to prevent an all skill's at maximum case, there shoud be a maximum of skillpoint to gain be.
(a simple skill system, like from 1 to 10, for each profession an a skillcap that woud maximize the possible points he coud spend)

From that point on you coud make it expand, like:
- the school where you coud raise the start lvl of a profession.
- a simple skilltree with benefits

i think it woud make the atmosphere much more thicker than it is at the moment, and make you feel like "oh no my farmer died" and not "oh a farmer is death, you woodcuter do his job"
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    Sunday, December 04 2016, 07:36 AM - #Permalink
    Good idea! It would certainly make a game much harder!=)
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    Thursday, June 27 2019, 09:22 AM - #Permalink
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    Saturday, June 29 2019, 09:21 AM - #Permalink
    I realize vile things are as yet orange at 149 skill, so if the top is raised it's impossible they would go from orange to dark at 150, at least if professions still function how they always have.
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    Tuesday, November 19 2019, 01:14 PM - #Permalink
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    Tuesday, February 18 2020, 05:33 PM - #Permalink
    Seems nice
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