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Remove Piety skill

Please remove the Piety skill. Or at least overhaul it. Why?

1) Alignment (or being Good or Evil) has to do nothing with Piety in RL and it should be no different in LiF.

2) It actually forces players to follow One True Faith or be Evil. This is so wrong and unrealistic (which religion is right in RL?). While I understand that by introducing several religions or an ability to create one one could solve the issue it will bring just another - so-called Hole Wars. Unless this is your intention (and I hope not!) it is better to stay off this way.

3) The skill itself seems to me the single thing that makes this highly realistic game...well...unrealistic.

4) It negatively references to indulgences from Middle Ages where you can do many Evil things and by praying be 'chastised' like nothing happened. (But yes, it actually was much worse as in the game you cannot go back if you commit murder).

If there is a need for some skill of this sort (alignment-wise), put it under Authority or make something like 'Law and Order', 'Honor' or 'Society'. These are concepts everyone understands and it is linked with Alignment. The Piety is not.

To put it simply: I want to be a Good character without praying, I want to have same skill reduction after death as anyone who does the same thing as I do - WITHOUT PRAYING.

P.S. There were some interesting suggestions about implementing some sort of cultures, that might be a solution too. With separate skill tree for cultures where you have 100 skillcap, therefore you are 100% part of one culture or of several cultures by different fractions, this could work. Maybe even with several religions bad that might be even worse scenario that Piety alone (at least noone can actually wage a Holy War).
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    Monday, January 18 2016, 10:03 PM - #Permalink
    1) Alignment (or being Good or Evil) has to do nothing with Piety in RL and it should be no different in LiF.

    you are supposed to believe in god and then hell... that's why you don't wan't to do bad actions if you don't want to die and then rott in hell... here, alignment tied to piety has true reason...

    you can be a high priest, well known and, also, a true evil in mind and actions...
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    Wednesday, January 20 2016, 05:26 PM - #Permalink
    I don't get your point here. What do you mean by your post:

    a) 'you are supposed to believe...' just in LiF - In that case I don't like the absence of choice in a game. And considering that there will be no heaven nor hell in the game (correct me if I'm wrong), then this whole idea does not make sense game-wise either.


    b) 'you are supposed to believe...' in RL - oh man, seriously...? Do you want to get into this matter now? And even, only for the sake of the argument, this was actually true, even then it is no reason to put it in a game.

    Anyway (concerning the real life), to be pious within any religion does not mean to be Good or Evil. Yes, it may correlate either way but it is not dependent. There are Good people both pious and not, and there are both Evil people pious and not. You cannot say that one is better over another by judging anything but their actions.
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    Wednesday, January 20 2016, 06:23 PM - #Permalink
    Sorry but all I see here is someone who hates religion and wants nothing to do with it. It's part of the game and part of the medieval times. There is no reason to be offended by it also no reason to abolish it because you don't agree with it.
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    Wednesday, January 20 2016, 08:16 PM - #Permalink
    I just don't like the fact that it's under the primary skill tree and takes up valuable points. It should really be in the third skill tree .

    Oh, and more religions would be nice for people who like to roleplay I suppose.
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    Wednesday, January 20 2016, 11:37 PM - #Permalink
    ... the game is fictionnal medieval, devs oblige your character to believe in god... if you don't want to, don't kill people, you won't lose your alignment... if you just want to be a bastard, go on rust game.

    your religion (real life) has nothing to do here... and I totally don't care about what you believe... you suggest something, I discuss it, not you.
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    Thursday, January 21 2016, 02:52 AM - #Permalink
    I'd like to get rid of the Piety skill - or at least the alignment tied to it - too.
    Because of the following implication:

    For me, piety is the strength of connection to "the gods" or how strong your believe is.

    And in game terms it means: The more you believe, the more evil actions you are "allowed" to do. Thats what I see as wrong with this system.

    In my view, the deeper your believes are, the better you would behave.
    If, of course, the system is meant to mimic fanatics, who are not distracted from their goals by other people being in the way, then is has its place.

    Since it is with the crafting skills, it means that those who wan't to be more skilled crafters, are not as good as those investing in piety.
    And those that want to mainly fight - can just invest in the skill to have less penalty for killing, because they have less need for crafting anyway.
    Thats wired the wrong way in my eyes.
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    Saturday, January 23 2016, 07:58 PM - #Permalink
    I'm not offended because the game involves religion. I don't like the fact that to be more religious means to be more good overall, that it is tied to alignment. BTW I don't want to play bastard, I don't want to exploit people, all I want is to play the game without needless mechanics. And what else is being a bastard than pray to be able to kill more people without severe punishment? What else is being a bastard than being allowed to kill people when you worship a god properly? No matter my beliefs or lack of.

    But as you can see it in my first post I have some suggestions how to implement it better, too. And it's not just preference-wise, but also gameplay-wise. If the religion is in the game, it should influence the game more than just a mechanics to deal with good and/or evil actions. It could as well serve as a RP element in a way that different people would follow different religion (or culture, in Medieval Ages they were closely linked).

    To put it simply - the way it is implemented now seems to me as an unnecessary mechanics. Either throw it out or make it into something more useful (for roleplaying purposes).
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