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Resting Quality and Taverns

I think a Good way to give further Depth to the Game would be to give an additional Quality to a Persons Resting.

Resting Quality could either work to Increase the amount of Soft Stamina thats granted by each Point of Hard Stamina.
Or it could like Food increase the Learning Speed of a Character.

Resting Quality would be Obtained from where and how you Rest.

Just sitting on the Ground would thus have the Standard Resting Quality of 0.5
Resting at a Bench in the Open 0.8
Resting at a Bench with a Fireplace within 3 tiles would be 1.0
Resting in a Bed would give 1.5 and would go Twice as Fast as Sitting.
Resting at Chairs or other Furniture would be 1.5 as well but Normal resting Speed.
And of course High level Furniture like a Throne or a Comfortable Bed etc would have higher Values.

Houses would Increase Resting by a Set amount.
A Hut by 0.5
An small House by 1.0
A Bigger House even by 2.0 etc etc

So if I rest on a Bench inside a Small House I would be at 1.8 (0.8 for the Bench and 1.0 for the Small House)
If I rest on a Bed inside a Bigger House it would be 3.5 and go rather fast.

This System would then come down to basicly Resting in a Really Large House for 3.0 and have a Comfortable Bed for 2.0 and max Resting Speed.
Coming out to get Maxed Rest at 5.0

This could also give Taverns a Reason.
A Tavern could become a Guest Place for a Guild and even for Random People.

Tavern Mechanics would be Simple.

The Tavern would be Stocked with Tables and Chairs etc.
And the Owner of the Tavern can Stock the Tavern with Food Items.

The Tavern itself would give a 5.0 Resting Quality all by itself. (Assuming its an Quality 100 Building)
But on top while Resting in the Tavern you would be also Recover Hunger.
The Food Quality of the Food Stocked in the Tavern would determine the Food Multiplier for the Recovered Hunger.

The Food Consumption in the Tavern would be somewhat Lower than if People actually Ate the Food.
For example every Customer would Consume 1 Food Item per Visit. Regardless of how long he Stays and how much he Recovers.

For People which do not have Rights on the Claim. There could be a Special Right for the Tavern.
The Right to Pay for Access.
The Owner of the Claim with the Tavern could Manage the Rights to the Tavern. And thus Set that anyone without Rights to Enter it for Free.
Could Pay a Set Amount of Money to Enter and Rest. :)
This would even allow Players to Basicly Open a Tavern somewhere on the Road and make a Living by having People come there for Quality Food Multipliers.

Once Access is Paid the Customer is Granted the Guest Right on the Claim for 1 Hour. (Cant move or take anything. But cant be made Criminal either)

Since to Rest the Customer has to Sit down inside the Tavern on whatever Chair he wants.
People would thus Sit at the Tables together. Giving a Nice Picture.

For a Guild this would also be a Great Way to Reduce Food Consumption.
Especially for High Quality Food that was Ramped up with Spices etc.
For a well Staffed Guild it would maybe also become an Automatic Meeting Place. Because People would gather there to Recover their Hard Stamina. :)
Think this would make for a Great Addition to the Game.
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    Friday, June 01 2018, 07:31 PM - #Permalink
    I like it. It also would give meaning to the carpentry furniture. As of right now, other than aesthetics, having beds, chairs and benches mean nothing. I also like the idea that if you log out in your campsite or home you get a small bonus when logging back in. The bonus would depend on the quality of building and furniture in home.
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    Thursday, August 13 2020, 08:14 AM - #Permalink
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